People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to speak out about incidents of hate crime.

Matthew Ellis

Staffordshire Commissioner Matthew Ellis made his comments as part of Hate Crime Awareness Week, which runs until 17th October.

Figures from Staffordshire Police revealed that there have been more than 800 reports of hate crime across the county in the past six months.

The commissioner said such crimes – which can be motivated by prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity – needed to be stamped out.

“Everyone should be able to go about their daily lives without fear of physical or verbal abuse, but hate crime takes away this essential human right.

“It’s an attack on someone’s identity and sense of self, and can leave them feeling anxious, vulnerable and emotionally traumatised.

“Hate crime is never acceptable, and I would urge anyone who has experienced any kind of abuse – whether that is verbal, physical, online, damage to property or anything else – to report it to the police.”

Staffordshire Commissioner Matthew Ellis

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  1. Thank you to Commissioner Ellis for highlighting this issue. Our community should also be alert to hate speech both online and in the printed media and speak out when we encounter it. This is especially true when hate is stirred up by politicians and others in positions of power. Tweets by politicians can be a powerful force for hate and our MPs need to be called to account for them.

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