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A group set up to help locals in Lichfield during the coronavirus crisis says it has now delivered more than £90,000 worth of items.

Helping Each Other Lichfield has carried out tasks including delivering shopping, collecting prescriptions and organising food donations.

Founder Elaine Hutchings said:

“We only started on 14th Marchin reaction to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Due to the panic in the community – and the panic buying especially – we noticed people were being left not being able to get essential supplies. 

“To date we have delivered over £90,000 of products in seven months – at the height of it all we were delivering 300 prescriptions a week and about 30 parcels a week in shopping.” 

Elaine Hutchings

The group has been run by volunteers and is still continuing to help locals facing challenges because of the pandemic.

“The local businesses have been brilliant. We’ve had cheques from jewellers, the rotary club, loads of companies and people within the community.

“We’re just so grateful to everyone that’s helped out and chipped in.

“I thought initially we would only be going a month at most – but the only reason we are still going is because of the support we’ve had and just shows how passionate people are about the community.

“We’ve decided to keep going, so we can work across Lichfield, and keep supporting those in need. 

“We have 20 volunteers, but looking we are looking for more at the moment.” 

Elaine Hutchings

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact the group on Facebook or call 07506 581055.

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  1. That really is a marvellous example of community volunteers doing their bit. It is important to recognise their selfless contribution, doing incredible things for their community and expecting absolutely nothing in return is what makes this country so great. I am sure they would have happily carried on regardless doing such amazing unseen work without any sort of “fanfare” if it was not for Lichfield Live doing such an excellent report.

    The figures they are saying shows how huge the contribution of these hidden heroes is. I am amazed and delighted to see so many of my fellow Lichfiedians have been fortunate to get this help at such a difficult time. The fact volunteers provided 300 prescription deliveries and 30 good pacels a week is staggering and worthy of praise. The £90,000 worth of food is a massive contribution to our community!

    I fear we will continue to require such help this winter. But it is a relief to know these hidden heroes are helping us all.

  2. This is wonderful. Having been involved in voluntary groups for many years it is good to see new ones springing up to help. I am also impressed with the fact they can produce accurate figures on the work they do, too often groups forget they still need to show clearly the benefit they provide. Perhaps the volunteers will consider applying for some funding to carry on their work? Staffordshire County Council has just launched a scheme for groups “Doing Their Bit” and I am sure a big and busy group like this one will be eligible fof support and would meet the criteria as thry are no doubts a registered or articled organisation.

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