A Burntwood councillor has said it is “quite ridiculous” that the town has still not got long term provision for a new health and wellbeing centre.

The temporary health and wellbeing centre in Burntwood. Picture: Google Streetview

The current facility at Burntwood Leisure Centre was granted another temporary planning permission in 2019.

It would mean that the site could remain open until 2023 – 11 years longer than it had originally been scheduled to remain in place.

Steve Norman

At a meeting of Lichfield District Council, Labour opposition group leader Cllr Steve Norman said action was needed to provide local residents with appropriate long term health provision.

“I’m aware of Greenwood House at last going ahead eight years after the Conservatives said it would.

“But the Burntwood Health and Wellbeing Centre has now had temporary planning permission granted three times – it’s got to come to an end at some point.

“It is quite ridiculous that a town the size of Burntwood still does not have the health centre promised to us ten years ago.”

Cllr Steve Norman

Cllr Alan White, leader of Staffordshire County Council as well as a member of Lichfield District Council, said he recognised that a permanent solution was needed.

“There is a requirement to get a health centre for Burntwood – for too long that has been hanging around.

“I am a member of the integrated care system board and I will raise that with colleagues from the Clinical Commissioning Group and the providers to make sure it is on their agenda, because it does need to be attended to.

“It’s not good enough for the residents of Burntwood.”

Cllr Alan White


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  1. Don’t worry , as long as Lichfield is catered for , then all is right with the world . Since when have the local residents or area really been given any serious investment ? Oh yes, new housing estates are being built, but where are the new doctors surgeries, entertainment and social amenities ? Where is the new shopping centre ? How about spending some of our taxes on the locale. We don’t all want to travel out of town. We have our local country park , which we now pay to park in, not expensive I admit, but what about spending the money raised on a reasonable condition car park?

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