Cyclists and motorists are being urged to take extra caution on the roads in Lichfield and Burntwood as darker mornings and evenings approach.

Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership is hoping to raise awareness before the clocks go back at the end of the month.

A spokesperson said:

“With darker mornings and evenings approaching – and the change in weather conditions – it’s more important than ever that both cyclists and drivers prepare themselves this autumn and consider their own and other’s safety on the roads.  

“Research shows that most collisions with cyclists happen during morning and evening rush hour times. Traffic is increased during this time and you may be rushing to get to or from work, whether you are travelling by bicycle or car.

“When overtaking cyclists, the Highway Code states that you should leave at least as much room as you would when overtaking another car.

“You should allow at least 1.5 metres of passing distance when travelling at 30mph – you need to leave more space when travelling at higher speeds.

“This distance helps protect you and other road users.”

Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership spokesperson

Cyclists are also being advised to find out more about improving their own visibility on the roads via the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership website.


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8 replies on “Drivers and cyclists urged to take extra caution on local roads”

  1. Whilst this advice is correct cyclists could help by having proper static red lights on the rear of their bikes rather than a paltry flashing one on their person. A reflective vest or tape is also a great way to highlight their presence. Sadly too many road users including motorists ignore the lighting regulations.

  2. Johnneo so right how many cars do you see driving round the area with one headlight out. Why does plod not pull them up

  3. ML, problem is on many modern vehicles to gain access to the headlights half the front of the car has to be dismantled, which is a garage job. Many don’t bother because of the cost. Something to watch for if buying a new car.

  4. Fault lies on both sides. Too many car drivers have questionable levels of competence and think they own the roads. Too many cyclists don’t use lights after dark and don’t seem to think the rules of the road apply to them. Both need addressing. It would help greatly if there was better provision for cyclists so that they don’t have to battle it out on the roads with drivers, where they will inevitably annoy each other. Both have a right to use the roads, and it’s worth bearing in mind that it is cars and not cyclists that cause congestion.

  5. ML, a simple task like changing a headlight bulb should be a diy job not require a mechanic. Even where you can you need the hands of a child or be a contortionist. The manufacturers are making it impossible for the layman to do, so they can grab even more money from motorists.
    As for more provision for cyclists, painting a red line on a road is useless and dangerous. The only chance of having proper cycle lanes is on a new road or estate but they’d rather cram in more houses.

  6. Sympathise with the comments about the difficulties in replacing light bulbs on modern cars. Manufacturers spend a lot of money on research and design, then come out with cars that have basic flaws and are difficult to do the simplest jobs on without having universal joints on our fingers and arms.
    On cycle lanes, the builders of the Darwin Park estate are to be congratulated on putting in a cycle lane that goes right through the estate. Pity that other builders and developers don’t do likewise.

  7. Again if you cannot afford to run a car and have the lights working you should not have one,so simple isn’t it

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