The owners of a car that had its steering wheel stolen by thieves in Lichfield say they were “shocked” by the crime.

The column where the steering wheel once sat on the BMW

The incident happened on Royal Oak Close in the early hours of Saturday morning (17th October).

The owners – who do not wish to be named – told Lichfield Live the incident had seen a number of fixtures within their BMW stolen while it was parked on their driveway.

Among them was the steering wheel for the vehicle.

“They clearly knew what they were coming for. Apparently these things are desirable to have.

“We’ve since been advised that the steering wheel alone is worth over £1,000 and can be easily bought online.

“We were really shocked – we didn’t even know that this sort of thing could happen.”

The vehicle also had parts from the dashboard and centre console stolen during the incident.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 quoting incident 369 of 17/10/2020.


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  1. This is unfortunately a growing issue, mainly with BMWs. The main target are M car steering wheels (with the red M buttons) as they are the most valuable. I read it takes seconds to remove one. What’s worse is they’re put on ebay for sale, the customer buys one, the thief’s know of course where the buyer lives, then goes and steals that one – then rinse and repeat, literally. Such a shame, owning something nice is luck of the draw these days.

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