The number of coronavirus cases in Lichfield and Burntwood is continuing to rise amid warnings Staffordshire could see further restrictions.

Staffordshire County Council said the number of cases across the district per 100,000 was now 125.1 – up from 82.1 earlier this month.

Cllr Johnny McMahon, the county’s cabinet member for health, care and wellbeing, said people needed to work together to keep Staffordshire in the medium alert level.

“We are doing everything we can to protect the lives of the vulnerable and prevent the Government from imposing further restrictions on our county.

“We have seen from other parts of the country how the situation can also quickly escalate from high to very high, so as a county we need to seize this opportunity to halt the rapid rise in cases.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council

The Government’s medium alert level means residents must follow existing laws and national guidance.

Moving to high would mean it would be illegal for more than one household, unless part of a support bubble, to meet inside socially – moving to very high would see many businesses forced to close.

Staffordshire’s overall rate per 100,000 people currently stands at 155.6, with the figure in England standing at 168.8.

“The last thing anyone of us wants to do is see further restrictions, so we must take the opportunity to act now and follow the rules.

“This is our best  hope of bringing cases down, protecting the vulnerable and making sure the doors of Staffordshire’s businesses remain open.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council


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  1. I do not understand the “you must wear a face covering”. Every shop or food outlet I have visited, has had many people without any face covering. Or, they have had face coverings on their chin.

    Either Lichfield is the asthma capital of the world. Or, this restriction is being blatantly ignored and not enforced.

  2. I agree ,blatantly ignored , not enforced ,then everyone will moan when we end up in another lock down ,even then they will still blatantly ignore the rules while the rest of us try to save the lives of the people we love , until something happens to them or the people they love they will carry on thinking they are invincible! This is not a joke !! Think on.

  3. British public for you. Tens of thousands died during first wave, NHS workers doing silly long shifts – forgotten in a heartbeat. All so people can go to bars and restaurants – they say they’re doing their part for the economy but in reality they’re selfish and just fed up of being stuck indoors or having to cook for themselves. Such a shame.

  4. I see Fabbo voted last night against providing free school meals during the upcoming holidays for children who will now go to bed hungry. Shame on you! No compassion, no understanding of poverty. Rotten government and rotten MP.

  5. I know there are some selfish people about and I know the rules are not being enforced properly. I still believe that, to blame the public, to turn us all against each other, is a dangerous place for this country to be in.
    I also believe the govt should be calling out the loony fringe which says this is a ‘plandemic’ and there’s nothing to worry about. They won’t though, because they flail around from one idea to another, desperate to be seen to be doing something. The anti-maskers are therefore not stopped at all.
    Does anyone really think these tiering measures will curtail the virus? They won’t, so a minority of non-mask wearers won’t change it.
    Why don’t they have more public messaging on how to wear your mask properly on tv? I saw an elderly lady struggling with hers the other day, she seemed very scared and when I asked if she was ok she shook her head. Then her mask fell off because she couldn’t put it over her ears properly, she was almost in tears poor thing.
    Which takes me off topic about messaging, to the bins – why not put a sticker on our recycling bins with what you can/ can’t put in them?
    And to Sensible Sarah – absolutely, rotten to the core, they’ll only get worse.

  6. @Sensible Sarah – I entirely agree with you. He’s a vile man masquerading as a caring, compassionate Tory. The reality (as you uncovered) is that he’ll happily trample over the needy if his whip tells him to. No morals, no compassion, no idea. The last election I voted for him (I’m now ashamed to say), but next election I’ll vote for Starmer’s government.

  7. I notice Nigel Farage has tweeted his disgust with the government for voting against the free school meals bill. He called it “mean and wrong”. I tell you what, you know you’re doing something wrong when Nigel Farage starts calling you out for being harsh and unkind….

    Well done Mr Fabricant for representing the people of Lichfield in choosing to not support free school meals during the half term – at a time when a substantial amount of families are struggling to make ends meet due to COVID-19, and it’s effects on wages.

    What an asset to Lichfield you are……

    If anyone from outside Lichfield reads this – please be assured, Mr Fabricant may represent us in a parliamentary sense but, he most certainly does not represent us in terms of our compassion, our sense of fair play, and our sense of common decency.

  8. Let’s all have another big Clap for Carers on a Thursday night as that helped to bring it home to every single person just how important staying safe was and the country united in a big wonderful, fluffy love-in (socially distanced, of course!).

    Oh yeah, that was all a flash in the pan too.

    OK, let’s follow the example of our politicians and senior officials…nope, can’t really do that either.

    Let’s ignore the waffling from Government and just do the right thing which is revert back to March’s lockdown ourselves and take responsibility…yeah, didn’t really think that one through.

    So, pointless name calling, posturing and a lack of direct action against a corrupt, inhuman Government it is then!

  9. The pandemic has revealed just how many in this country are shallow, inconsiderate people, for whom the most important things in life are being able to do what they want, when they want, and screw everyone else. You can’t blame the government for that. I’m sick of hearing how much it has affected the mental health of young people, for instance. Get a grip. Past generations have had to deal with far worse than being stuck in the house for a few months, and having to wear a face covering in some places. Six years of world war 2, for instance. The people not complying with basic infection controls are an insult to the majority who are, and should be held responsible.

  10. @ Burntwood Bloke “So basically we’re lower than the average for Staffordshire and lower still than the average for England.”

    Sloppy interpretation is why statistics gets a bad name. Just to be clear, “average” is not necessarily okay.

  11. -John Allen – yes, accountability is important, who should do this work to make them accountable?
    Overstretched police trying to deal with thefts in driveways? Hourly-paid shopworkers who just hope they’ll get by with their rent, whatever, hoping not to pass it on to their parents, who then care for Their parents? Or take the family for a meal out for a treat but you don’t need to wear a mask indoors for a meal because…
    Tbf, most places I go past have mask-wearers . Masks aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of curtailing the virus. What would you do?
    I’d put a huge amount of blame on the govt for its non-clear messaging, not sticking to or even having a plan, call it U-turning. Causing confusion & worry…
    The govt’s optics on children going hungry because…we spaffed the cash to our mates doing track & trace who are useless, is a great example.
    Terrible govt, just what kind of country is this where even farage sees how that looks and even he gets people saying ‘well, get them foraging for apples, should be better parents etc’. When you’ve lost your job, can’t pay the mortgage, have to sell the second car & go on UC, maybe then tories might realise – circumstances change & not everyone on benefits might be deliberately fleecing the system.
    And WW2 is not a comparison to this situation, though the right wing often cite it – 80 years ago & it still crops up regularly. *rolls eyes.

  12. Heres one for the likes of Fabo and Lichfield councilors because they give different answers
    In statistics there are three types of average: the mean, the median and the mode. Measures of spread such as the range and the interquartile range can be used to reach statistical conclusions.

  13. John Allen – I couldn’t agree more. The generation that pulled through WWII (I’m not one of them, incidentally) must be laughing their socks off. Boo boo….I have to wear a mask and I can’t go to the pub after 10pm….”.

    Hardly the spirit of the blitz, is it??

  14. I understand not everyone can wear a mask, and we don’t expect them to go round wearing a label saying I’ve got this or that, but hanging one under your chin ? What’s that excuse? You either do or dont need to wear one, they are not the be all and end all in this pandemic but if they give give us some protection it’s got to do some good , than not at all .

  15. Sensible Sarah – I agree – the man puts “socially liberal” on his Twitter description, and then performs an act of senseless cruelty by voting against an amendment which would have cost a few million, while supporting a failed multi-billion-pound Test and Trace system, run by incompetent cronies.
    He has also voted against parliamentary oversight of food standards, thereby dooming the agricultural and rural parts of the constituency. Apart from blind loyalty to the most incompetent and brazenly corrupt government in modern history, it is hard to see what he will gain by this.
    He is long past his “best before” date, and should be urged to resign long before the end of this Parliament.

  16. The causes of the attitude amongst many people in this country will not be quick or easy to address, but then I don’t see any serious attempt to do so. Penalties play a part in addressing the issues, but these have been largely derisory. When police have to try and persuade people to comply because they don’t have effective legal sanctions, when sleaze and confusion dominate government, when influential people set a bad example, and when protesters turn out claiming the virus is a hoax, things are clearly wrong. Perhaps a campaign similar to the effective one against drink driving some years ago might help, if only to combat the phenomenon of social proof that is evident these days.

  17. Telling people with mental health problems, whatever their age, to get a grip is actually exactly the kind of attitude you expect from “shallow, inconsiderate people”. John Allen clearly has no idea of the impact this virus has had on many young lives. Some have lost loved ones to it and families have been kept away as relatives lie sick in hospital. And how many of those on today’s front line in hospital wards are recently qualified young doctors and nurses, thrown in at the deep end? How many young people have volunteered to help in their communities during this crisis? Stop running down our young people. They are making sacrifices to try and keep older generations safe and we should commend the majority who are following the rules.
    As for government accountability, it’s not surprising some people are ignoring the rules when they see the likes of Dominic Cummings behaving as if he is above the law and getting away with it because he’s Boris’s right hand man. One rule for them and another for the rest of us just doesn’t work in a crisis. Those in power and those of us old enough to set an example to youngsters should be doing just that and demonstrating mental resilience and compassion. Young people learn by example, not by being constantly told they can never live up to previous generations.

  18. The social chaos engendered by the Brexit campaign, intolerance, ignorance, racism, misogyny, amorality, coupled with the degradation of spirit deliberately engineered by low wages and ZHCs, has left a fair proportion of this country consumed with prejudice and flaunting anti COVID policy. They have their role models in the spivs and racketeers (to use John Allen’s outdated comparison) of WW2, only these modern spivs are in power. Patriots? They’ve sold the country to big business, services and utilities to foreign powers, and are busy carving up what remains amongst their mates. They even flamboyant break the arbitrary rules they’ve invented. So don’t give us the ‘individual blame’ rhetoric…..

  19. John penalties may work if appropriate,but fining university students £10k they will not have that money to pay it and as they are no longer minors their parents will not pay it so it was a waste of time

  20. Well Clare Sholl, I am well aware of and informed about genuine mental illness, so no lectures please. Grieving the loss of a loved one is a natural but distressing process of bereavement, common to all age groups, and I would be the last person to belittle this. As for ‘shallow and inconsiderate’ people, how else would you describe hordes of people, predominantly young, crushed together in illegal raves and street parties, even during lockdowns? How else would you describe crowds of people, again predominantly young, out on the town on the eve of further restrictions, some even posing for photos looking very pleased with themselves, who don’t seem to realise that the reason restrictions are being imposed is because of idiots like them continuing to spread the virus? Idiocy is not confined to the young, but they do seem to exhibit more than their fair share of it. I do not tarr them all with the same brush, there are lots of them doing commendable things, but it is a big enough problem to be noticeable.
    Responsibility lies across the board; government has a lot to answer for and has proved incompetent in dealing with the pandemic, making us the laughing stock of Europe.

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