Lichfield’s MP says he is “reassured” by confirmation that commuters will still be able to access high speed services on the West Coast Main Line once HS2 is built.

Lichfield Trent Valley station

Rail Minister Andrew Stephenson confirmed passengers would not face slower journeys once HS2 is built after a question from Michael Fabricant MP.

The Conservative MP for Lichfield said:

“Lichfield is one of over 20 stations along the West Coast Main Line that won’t be served by HS2 – the nearest station will be half an hour or more away.

“At the moment we’ve got the tilting Pendolinos, which are very fast, but HS2 told me that when they are phased out, they won’t be replaced by any fast train, and the West Coast Main Line will only be used for slow commuting trains.

“So can the Minister now assure me that HS2 at that meeting got it wrong, and that stations like Lichfield Trent Valley will still have a fast service down to London once HS2 is completed?”

Michael Fabricant MP

The Minister replied:

“Fast inter-city trains will continue to run on the West Coast Main Line once HS2 opens.

“One of the key aims for future service patterns is that all towns or cities which currently have a direct service to London, will retain broadly comparable or better services once HS2 is completed.”

Andrew Stephenson MP

“Lichfield’s economy depends on fast connections”

Speaking after the question, Mr Fabricant said Lichfield could not afford to lose high speed links with the capital and the north in future.

Michael Fabricant

“I am reassured by the Minister’s answer. I am most concerned that when the Pendolino trains are phased out when they reach the end of their working life, they are replaced by an equivalent or faster service in the 2030s.

“This will need to be planned for this decade.

“While it is early days, I know that no such planning has yet started so I will continue to scrutinise the Department for Transport. 

“Lichfield’s economy depends on fast connections with the capital and the north and I do not want to see any deterioration of that service.”

Michael Fabricant MP


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7 replies on “Lichfield MP “reassured” by Rail Minister’s confirmation that high speed services will not be axed on West Coast Main Line when HS2 is built”

  1. Mr Fabricant – forget this issue as we will not be travelling in the future as we will be working from home.
    Of more interest, why did you vote against providing school meals during school holidays for the least well-off families in England? Do you not have a conscience about allowing children being hungry when they go to bed? Do you not agree that a civilised government of a first world country & 6th largest economy in the world would not tolerate such a situation? Do you sleep easy at night?
    You and your Tory government have little interest in anything other than lining your own pockets and those of your mates. How do you justify £6k per day for consultants and multi-million pound contracts awarded to friends of Ministers when children go hungry? Shame on you!

  2. By the time his crew have done us over with COVID and Brexit, there won’t be many in Lichfield catching trains anywhere.

  3. Fabo how many high speed express trains actually stop in Lichfield. To get to Preston you need to catch a local train to Crewe then change to the pendalino that had passed through Lichfield. Get a brain figures for trains please.

  4. Mr Fabricant has a vested interest in this line as it usually takes him on his trips to London.

    By the way, I hope you’re enjoying your big pay rise Michael. Such a pity that there’s been so little fight to pass on something similar to other public sector staff.

  5. The Tories ever-increasing wealth ie contracts for the boys club is outrageous, and as for this HS2 debacle which is costing the taxpayer exorbitant amounts of money increasing daily just so a few high flyers can get to London 20 minutes quicker is sickening, and the stop-start knee jerk reaction to the covid-19 virus is getting out of hand with different areas of the country policing and monitoring it with the push and verve of a snail at this rate it will never go away and thousands of more lives will be lost.
    All in all this government is making a right hash of things, are we trying to imitate that self-important potentate in America, who thinks every one lower than himself is worthless. Listen to the people Boris, they are not impressed with your leadership.

  6. I would feel a lot better if Mr Fabricant had been reassured that HS2 would be cancelled and 100billion plus was going to be spent on something more useful. His early opposition to this scheme seems to have evaporated.

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