People living in Lichfield are being invited to join a new good neighbour scheme.

Curborough Community Association are working with other groups to deliver the volunteer-led Lichfield Cares service.

Lichfield Cares postcards

Postcards will be delivered to homes in North Lichfield in the coming weeks providing more details about how individuals and families can access advice.

The group are now looking for volunteers to help out.

“By speaking to professionals, voluntary sector colleagues and individuals we have identified some common themes that local people are asking for support with.

“Initially, the themes we will be supporting are befriending and reducing loneliness, signposting to the many local voluntary sector organisations and groups, and supporting form filling and smaller tasks that people are struggling with.

“Where people need signposting or help navigating and accessing the support out there, we will help them to do this. If we see there are gaps in provision, our volunteers will respond to see if we can meet those needs.”

Lichfield Cares spokesperson

For more information visit the Lichfield Cares Facebook page or email


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3 replies on “New good neighbour scheme launching in Lichfield”

  1. This is an excellent idea and will I am sure provide a huge level of support for people in Lichfield during the difficult winter months ahead in particular. It is wonderful that so many long-established and well-respected voluntary groups have come together like this to provide an effective voluntary group that provide a wider range of help and support. Having such a group that is properly organised and properly structured and fully accountable is so vitally important. We can all be confident that the right help and support is being delivered to the right people for the right reasons. Although the short-term impact will be very welcome, I can see this new group grow from strength to strength in the months and even years to come. A huge thank you to all those involved.

  2. I am sure this group will be an excellent addition to community services in Lichfield. I think other smaller groups have done a decent enough job so far. But it is perhaps time for those with the right experience, organisational structuring, funding “apparatus” and know-how of how to bring everyone together in a common to take a lead as we look to be entering a long-term period of difficulty. Having done a bit of volunteering for some groups in the last 6 months I know the hard work that goes in to such ventures. I also know who are the really “good guys|” who are doing very good things for Lichfield. I wish this “professional” voluntary group all the best with the excellent work they will do for our community.

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