Lichfield and Burntwood could be moved to the ‘high alert’ COVID-19 status by the weekend as part of a bid to stem the rise in cases across Staffordshire.

No exact date for the change of level has been confirmed yet, but Staffordshire County Council confirmed it could be in place in the coming days.

Council leader Cllr Alan White said the alert level would be reviewed after 14 days.

“Our residents and businesses have made huge efforts to keep our county safe and open, but despite this, cases continue to rise rapidly and we are now facing tighter restrictions.

“This year, Staffordshire has showed what it does best – pulling together and supporting our communities, but now we need to redouble our efforts to avoid any further restrictions and protect our county.

“We can, and we must rise, to this new challenge, but it is down to each and every one of us to stick to the new rules when they do come into force to help keep Staffordshire safe and open for business.” 

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council

The change will see additional restrictions on people mixing indoors, with only those in support bubbles able to meet in private homes or indoor venues.

Dr Richard Harling, director of health and care at Staffordshire County Council, said:

“The virus is spreading in Staffordshire largely through social contact, so this extra guidance on mixing indoors will hopefully help reduce the rate of infection.

“By sticking to the COVID high alert rules, we have the best chance of not only curbing the spread of infection, but also of having these extra measures removed as quickly as possible.” 

Dr Richard Harling

Full details of the guidance on the alert levels can be found here.


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  1. “By sticking to the COVID high alert rules, we have the best chance of not only curbing the spread of infection, but also of having these extra measures removed as quickly as possible.”

    You had your lockdown in March, it’s done, from performing opera singers, singing police and violins in Italy, they’re now throwing petrol bombs.

  2. Ah, Darryl’s back! The threat of losing those all-too-vital rounds of golf, yet more conference calls, not getting to have the throbbing purr of that executive Audi under your gelatinous buttocks worrying you? Don’t worry, schools will stay open so you won’t have to put up with your kids though.
    Pop a bottle of Bolly!
    Covid killed someone I love, and continues to kill others. It might not affect you, and you might feel entitled to make glib statements about Italy, but you do come across as someone who reads Sikora et al and thinks that’s enough to justify his selfishness. Ah well, let it rip! Nobody likes old people anyway.

  3. I do really struggle to understand the mentality of the increasing number of people protesting against lockdowns. If it were just a case of campaigning for more support during further social restrictions, I could see a point. But when they start kicking off about personal freedom and how the virus is a hoax, I despair. Apparently their ‘freedom’ is more important than other people’s lives. With freedom comes responsibility, a point lost on them. As for the virus being a hoax, perhaps they could help out on the COVID wards at hospitals, after all they don’t think they’ve got anything to fear. What an insult to the thousands who have died and the grieving families left behind!

  4. 44k people have died from Covid in the UK so far. I don’t understand why the government won’t publish figures for suicides directly as a result. I believe this number will already be significantly higher. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their businesses in the UK so far, hundreds of thousands still to come. Most will end up on the streets – whole families homeless. Take it from me, there is no support either financial or psychological so the only solution is suicide. Seriously though, what’s there to live for anymore in this world.

  5. Richard, if you or anyone is genuinely feeling like there’s nothing to live for, please call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit

    There are people who do still want to help, who do still care. Don’t suffer alone, please.

  6. Richard, I have read your message a couple of times and I find it concerning.
    If your thoughts are turning towards suicide I urge you to call The Samaritans.
    There is a lot to live for but when life kicks you in the teeth it can be hard to see a way forward.
    I wish you all the best.

  7. The initial lockdown was difficult for everyone but appears to have been successful in its aims. The handling of the response from late May onwards has been nothing short of a disaster and the lack of clear leadership has been an embarrassment. It is little wonder the likes of Darlly and others seem antagonistic towards another similar total lockdown, despite it being the only viable and common sense option. The example set by our political leaders and advisors has been so poor that these lockdown critics are understandably lacking in any confidence. But politics aside, a winter lockdown is the only sane and correct response if we are to emerge from this serious threat to life. What is also required is a strong, effective Government, which it “pains” me to say we have been lacking for too long.

  8. Perhaps if the majority had NHS track and trace app things could improve. But only about 15% of the population have it and 1 it is up to you to input test results and 2 track and trace part can be switched off just leaving it as an easy way to get into pubs. Not sure who set it up but it is run by serco just look who the CEO is related to

  9. For Richard
    Now I am more awake I would like to mention a few practical things to you or anyone who is struggling.
    First things first.
    Make sure you are fed. Lichfield has a great food bank or contact Elaine Hutchins who supplies food to people who need it. You will find her by entering her name on search in Facebook.
    Never let pride get in the way. We are all entitled to eat.
    Gas, electric.
    Contact your providers. They will help you find a way to pay these bills.
    Landlord/mortgage provider
    Speak to them and see if they can help. Don’t ignore.
    This organization can help you sort out bills debts etc.

    Make sure you get any benefit you are entitled to.

  10. I am very sorry to read that you are feeling so low, Richard. As others have already said, there is help out there and organisations who will be very happy to support you. Do contact them and ask for help. If you are struggling financially, make sure you get in touch with Citizen’s Advice and find out what your rights are. They will be able to signpost you to other sources of help and advice as well.
    The current situation is temporary and at some point things will change for the better. Make sure you get the help you need to get you through this and remember that you are part of a community and other people around you care how you feel. Expressing how you feel in your post is a positive start and I hope the advice people have given helps show you that there really is light at the end of the tunnel. Take care.

  11. Mike being sympathetic and understanding. Well done, that man!
    After all, it’s not like a phone is cheaper than a meal these days, is it? A tenner will buy you phone with enough access to find the help mentioned here by others. A microwave meal and a can of coke won’t do that. Sadly, Mike, you’re more concerned with running people down than helping them. Glad your priorities are in order though and you aren’t contemplating ending your life or anything trivial like that. You’re the problem, Mike. But you don’t care.

  12. Richard – I am sorry to read you are feeling low, you have many people in the community who care.
    As others have said, please ask for help, support or someone to talk things through with.
    I have just seen that Martin Lewis’ moneysavingexpert site has weekly updates about support both for individuals and businesses and it may be worth a look too?
    Take care of yourself.

  13. Sorry Richard 44k have not died of covid. That is just one of the misleading stats issued. That number shows those who died after testing positive. It includes those who actually died of cancer, heart failure, strokes and road accidents. Latest forecast is that at least a third fell into those four groups. Add on deaths as a result of suicides, home falls by those suffering from Parkinsons as my mum did and whilst 26k is still a desperate number, we will see many more dieing by causes that could have been treated if our NHS services were open to all. For example, over 1 million women have had breast cancer check ups cancelled in recent months. Our children are going to find jobs hard to get and will have a millstone of debt to carry for years. Just be careful of what you wish for if you want to put us behind closed doors.

  14. Mathew where can you buy a smart phone for ten ponds,please let me know,then of course you need an internet connection which of course costs. Priorities are all wrong these days. In order food should come first luxuries later

  15. Sorry Rob as usual you leave out the government’s own estimate from the ONS now clearing 60k PLUS all those dying from other reasons. You have terminal cancer (like my sister) but you’re on a regime that may keep you alive well into 2021, then you get COVID and conk out in December, you have died of COVID. I could let my daughter inform you (works QMC) but she gets intense, having seen plenty die.

  16. Rob, let’s have a source for that information, eh? If you can’t provide one, well, all us keen readers will be inclined to think you’re making it up or something.
    And leave Richard well alone please. Have some decency.

  17. Mike, I can sell you my old iPhone for a tenner if I wanted. Or even give it to someone who needs it. Not sure you’re aware but sometimes people also have an internet capable phone BEFORE they go hungry – hunger doesn’t block WiFi signals – and free wi-fi is easy to come by in public. This is arguably a better investment than a single meal as, well, give a man a fish… and all that. I wonder, is this Mike F, who likes to let kids go hungry, or just another I’m Alright Jack who thinks that the ability to communicate remotely in a pandemic is a ‘luxury’?

  18. Matthew, I did set out to have a dig at anyone in particular, especially Richard, so if I affended you Richard I’m sorry. Regarding my stats, I refer you to pages 8 to 11 in today’s mail which publishes official figures from NHS, Nat stats office and macmillan cancer. Out of 21k who died in September, 690 died of covid and approx 50k of cancer cases have gone undiagnosed. 95% of those who died during the pandemic had underlying health conditions. My views is protect the vulnerable (and encourage them to protect themselves) and maintain basic safety measures but let society continue.

  19. Matthew in my day you saved until you could afford to buy it. Now we live in a world of I want it and I want it now. Some one will buy or give it to me. This attitude needs to stop or the country will flounder. I never went hungry as a kid and rationing was on.times were hard then.

  20. Sorry to burst your bubble Rob, but we are all vulnerable as far as COVID is concerned. Some young and fit people have succumbed to it. Yes, those with underlying health conditions will logically fare less well, but as with other things like flu, they wouldn’t have died if it wasn’t for COVID. If those for whom COVID was mentioned on their death certificates were included, the death figure would rise to around fifty seven thousand (official figures).

  21. Mike, I think you missed the point. You said that “food should come first, luxuries later”. I simply say that if access to the internet via a phone means someone can eat, and you’re advocating removing this access, you’re happy to prevent someone from eating. And it’s telling that you say that the attitude of giving someone something they require “needs to stop” Times have moved on. Communication in this way is essential. Our society is built on the backbone of the internet. We can wave union flags and sing ‘Knees Up, Mother Brown’ while we Google for food banks, if it makes you feel any better?

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