People have been urged to observe new coronavirus restrictions when they are introduced across Lichfield and Burntwood.

Staffordshire County Council has confirmed that the region would be going into Tier 2 of the national COVID-19 measures.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said it was important people played their part in tackling coronavirus.

Doug Pullen

“I’ve highlighted previously the need for our community to work together in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, the importance of sticking to the rules, and of remembering the basic advice around washing your hands, covering your face and keeping space between you and others.

“I still believe that together we can successfully tackle the spread of the virus across our district.

“Lichfield District Council will continue to work alongside Staffordshire County Council and our partners to support the local community in understanding the new restrictions and dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on lives and livelihoods.

“We are particularly keen to support local businesses dealing with changes to how they can operate as trading rules are updated.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council


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  1. I really think we need a short sharp circuit break to stop this, else we’ll be in tier 3 before you can say ‘It’s Christmas’.
    People are doing the right thing by and large, but the country can’t go on like this.
    There needs to be support for business and support for individuals who are vulnerable or feel low.
    I applaud the local community and those businesses who are doing their bit, but this tier business won’t stop the virus.
    Having said that, I do have time for Cllr Pullen, May I ask – is there a link or one place where we could go to to see the support measures which the local councils are providing for business? Thank you in advance.

  2. France in lockdown, Germany in lockdown.

    Meanwhile Staffordshire is moving up a Tier while social clubs and gyms are open in Tier 3 areas and Nottinghamshire is adding in extra rules. Are they trying to make things deliberately confusing?

  3. I agree. The pathetic, inconsistent and inadequate restrictions scattered piecemeal amongst the three (at the moment) tiers will not succeed in halting the spread of the virus. To have any real impact, we need a two/three week national lock down at the least, with sufficient support to encourage people and businesses to follow it, and adequate enforcement to ensure everyone does.

  4. “I still believe that together we can successfully tackle the spread of the virus across our district
    After comments like this I’ll have whatever CLLr Doug Pullen is having. I’d like to know what evidence he has saw to give him such optimism that this virus can be controlled?
    We all know and he knows this virus isn’t going away anytime soon, let’s stop kidding ourselves.
    But everyone enjoy wearing your face masks, they’ve done such a wonderful job so far.

  5. Just a reminder how it’s done. Lockdown, test/trace/isolate in an efficient coordinated manner, firefight hotspots. None of it in England, and the £12bn SERCO/Sitel farce (using teenagers and students on minimum wage instead of health professionals) is being blamed on the NHS, for political and ideological reasons. Where’s the well staffed control/test hub in Lichfield?

  6. I can reassure you now if you were in any doubt the serco test and trace does NOT work a family member tested positive, added test result to the app non of us were informed or contacted ,it was up to them to let us know and so on and so forth
    Total waste of tax payers money and a danger to public health .

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