People in Lichfield and Burntwood have been urged not to dismiss the risk of coronavirus as the area prepares to move into Tier 2.

The Government has confirmed that Staffordshire will adopt stricter COVID-19 restrictions from 12.01am on Saturday (31st September).

Cllr Alan White, leader of Staffordshire County Council, said doing nothing to combat a rise in cases was not an option.

Cllr Alan White

“Our residents and businesses have made huge efforts to keep our county safe and open, but despite this, cases continue to rise rapidly and we must act quickly to stop the spread of infection even further.

“Nobody wants to see additional restrictions imposed on our families and friends, so we have to curb the rise in cases.

“Please don’t think COVID-19 won’t affect you, your family or your job, because if we don’t turn this situation around and, turn it around quickly, it may well do.

“We need to redouble our efforts, stick to the new rules and stop the spread of infection – this is the best way to remove these restrictions.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council

The movement into the ‘high’ alert leave sees a ban on different households mixing socially indoors.

Dr Richard Harling, director of health and care, said:

“Cases are rising rapidly across the whole of Staffordshire and limiting social contact between households indoors is the best chance now of stopping the spread of infection.

“People need to follow the new laws, but also remember the other key rules on washing your hands regularly, covering your face when needed, keeping your distance and sticking to the rule of six outdoors.”

Dr Richard Harling, Staffordshire County Council


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  1. 31st October…
    We need a circuit break to take infection rates to a low level and keep them there or I expect we’ll be in tier 3 before long.
    Just because Keir Starmer suggested it and just because Sunak wants us spending for Christmas to keep the money rolling in, doesn’t mean the govt should delay what many other countries are now doing.
    That circuit break should be alongside support for business and the vulnerable but unless it happens, I fear these restrictions won’t be enough. (schools, Uni’s staying open is asking for trouble in my opinion).
    The conspiracy theorists who want to keep us free and not wear masks, how dare they risk other people’s lives just because they want to keep their rights to go to the pub or shop.

  2. Well said Kitty, couldn’t agree more. It will take more than a few more restrictions to halt the spread. As for those protesting about restrictions and helping to spread the virus by the way they’re doing it, they are beneath contempt.

  3. @Kitty
    It’s not conspiracy theory to see the greatest erosion in civil liberties and rights since feudal times, from laws in which you were not represented.

    The common cold permeates every year, despite being told to wash our hands, sneeze into tissues for decades etc. you cannot control a virus. Take precautions and be sensible, but locking people up for months on end and issuing crippling fines is not the answer.

    Illiberal laws should never be waved through Parliament.

  4. It’s another six months to next April when, hopefully, better weather will allow more outside activities. It is difficult to imagine that many will be able to sustain a level of discipline that will contain the virus for that long. Any hopes of a vaccine are optimistic within that timeframe. In the last pandemic the second phase was massively more damaging. It will pass in time. Limiting your exposure is the only safe way. Stay away from it and it will stay away from you.

  5. Well Darryl, my view is that to reduce the infection levels to a low level, a short break in transmission is necessary. That way, we can go about our lives more or less as they were, sooner, but with a low community transmission. Combined with a credible tracing system and support for business and the vulnerable, of course.
    Common cold is hardly covid now, is it.
    Yes, you, me & the kids may well be fine but our parents, grandparents and friends with existing conditions may not be so fortunate.
    Unless we have this breaker I can see this country doing lockdown after lockdown and nobody wants that.
    And there are conspiracy theorists about this, usually they’re anti 5G, anti mask, anti everything common sense it seems, but ironically not anti this useless and corrupt govt who brought much of this about by locking down too late in March and being absolutely inept at managing it ever since.

  6. Greatest erosion of civil rights and liberties since feudal times, Daryll? Get over yourself. There are also civil duties, such as not putting other people’s lives in danger. The common cold belongs to the same broad family of viruses as COVID, but there the similarity ends. To compare colds to COVID is just silly. So do tell us what you think is the answer to people wilfully ignoring laws and precautions and putting other people at risk.

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