A national retailer could soon be returning to Lichfield, the city’s MP has said.

Marks and Spencer has not had a presence in the area since the closure of the food hall in the Three Spires Shopping Centre.

A Marks and Spencer food hall. Picture: Tony Monblat

The retailer had initially planned to relocate to a larger unit as part of the failed Friarsgate scheme.

But Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said the company were now looking at returning to the city.

Michael Fabricant

“I have been in contact with Marks and Spencer directors over the closure of the store in the city centre.

“They told me that while the store was too small to be viable, the profile of Lichfield is ideal for a food store. I believe they required a larger area and car parking.

“I understand that they are hoping to move to a site currently a disused factory adjacent to Lichfield Trent Valley station.”


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. I presume you mean the abandoned GKN site ? Have the councillors been down there lately ? It looks like a Syrian warzone !!! Absolutely disgusting area caused by vehicles everywhere and litter !! If you think a prestigious shop like Marks and Spencers would consider moving there ? You must be living in cloud cuckoo land !!! Do me a favour Michael just have a walk round there during the working week and tell me if you seriously think that M&S would open a food shop there ?

  2. Michael – still no word from you regarding your justification for voting against school meals for hungry children in the holidays. Your silence suggests you cannot justify your vote to your constituents.
    Have you ever visited the Food bank in the city? You might learn something.

  3. well done michael fabricant ???? you can now buy food for all the kids you did not support when you voted against the labour proposals -you can always put it on expenses

  4. What a strange business model they must have…
    We really don’t need more traffic clogging up the TV Road area, either. Also can’t see many commuters popping in after a train journey these days, can you?
    If they don’t think the city centre is viable I’m amazed they’d look at this site.
    Anyway, what about voting down FSM outside term for families who could never afford to shop in M&S? Eat out to Help out has been shown to have contributed to the spread of the virus before schools went back, it cost loads more than FSM would, what a waste of taxpayers money.

  5. Well wrecked the city loads of people lost jobs kenning was booted out lives wrecked it all boils down to greed planning well I don’t know who is doing it but I don’t they are thinking about people just how much they can make

  6. Let’s have a real city of genuine shops to support our quaint shops.
    We need some up beat to flourish as a city.
    Come on Michael get behind our city. Let’s not have a ghost city going forward.

  7. Who is going to go to Trent valley to go to M&S only those from that side of town. Too many traffic lights between The Bowling green and their

  8. 4 of the major named shops in Lichfield are closing down in the next few weeks…we need m&s in the town. Footfall for the other shops fell down dramatically when m&s closed. No one is going to see Lichfield as a place to shop. All we have is hairdressers. Charity shops. Banks and coffee shops. TV looks like a war zone. May be it’s only being offered this place for generation because of the new housing around TV. It is down to the council to give planning permission. It’s going to need alot of money spending on the area and may be marks will be made to foot the bill ? Why build and open shops out the town when the town centre is suffering with closures. Why didn’t m&s get offered Poundland when it shut. It’s a bigger shop. Holland and Barrett moved to be closer to m&s. They even changed there opening times to match m&s late night opening. When m&s shut. It became an expensive white elephant for h&b. May be the centre needs new management who can bring us the shipping experience we so desperately need within the area.

  9. We need another food shop in Lichfield. Really? With Tesco, Morrison, Lidl and Aldi, Waitrose and the Co-op, not to mention the new food hall on Eastern Avenue, I think we have enough. The former GKN site is entirely inappropriate for many reasons-is it still full of rubbish with one major fire already? The location and road access would also be a major issue. How about some more useful shops?

  10. Perhaps it could be on the possible list for the “Birmingham Road site”, central location and car parking , adjacent to the bus station, and they can have it as big as they want, easy one for the consultant to earn their fee
    providing we don’t have too many houses built on the site

  11. It’s probably, quite a savvy move by M & S. Seems as if the proposal is for a Foodhall only, on the doorstep of the large residential development in Streethay, not too far from Boley Park, and further potential from Fradley/Alrewas and the future housing planned in that locality. Plus far enough away from Waitrose so they aren’t competitors for the type of shoppers that waver between the two.

  12. Mike is absolutely right, it will only serve that part of thf city as it is such a rigmarole to get to it from the other side of Lichfield. You may as well regard it as day out if you want to go from Morrisons side of Lichfield to this new store way on the other side of the city.

    Thanks for highlighting this important travel information. I’ll file it under “Professional complainer with nothing better to do than moan”.

    As for the new store itself. Good luck to them I say. But why is our MP claiming any sort of credit for what us clearly a commercial decision?

  13. Because this is a huge site, there will be sufficient parking. Don’t worry about current state of site, machinery will soon clear that all off. I welcome the news, IF it ever happens !

  14. Great news for some but for others struggling in these covid times it is of no consequence.
    Look after Lichfield Mr Fabricant.
    Yes, a photo opportunity at the food Bank would be right up your street.

  15. It is about time Lichfield has lived in the last century far to long it is just about getting the right sort of shopping

    Lichfield now needs to get its schooling right

    The two major improvements in decades are
    1. The bus station now has 10 coach / bus parking bays which has taken decades to happen that equates to at least 300 tourists pity the tourist information office is now depleted

    Finally Bird Street car park can now accommodate numerous car parking for
    The disabled yes Lichfield will accommodate both visitors and residents

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