Campaigners in woodland at Fradley
Campaigners in woodland at Fradley

Campaigners have moved into woodland near Lichfield as part of a protest against HS2.

Members of Stop HS2 Staffordshire have set up camp in trees in Fradley in a bid to prevent them from being cut down to make way for the controversial line.

The trees were due to be felled this week as part of the construction alongside the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Part of the camp set up in woodland at Fradley

But the protesters say they are taking a stand to protect the woodland.

“We have recently witnessed owls and deer in the wood and are worried about the impact HS2 is going to have on the local wildlife, especially with so much woodland along Wood End Lane being destroyed to make way for the project.

“Over the last few weeks, we have come almost every day to these woods to peacefully disrupt HS2 work.”

Stop HS2 Staffordshire spokesperson


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4 replies on “Protesters move into into woodland near Lichfield in a bid to stop trees being cut down to make way for HS2”

  1. If Rishi Sunak is looking for money to support people and businesses during the lockdown, look no further than HS2. I’m sure 106 billion would go a long way, rather than being squandered on a project with no justification that will be of no benefit to the vast majority of people. Carry on protesting guys.

  2. Agree with the above comment they are wasting millions, the “bat house” built nr weeford took 6 months, 5 orange maggots (HS2 workers) and it’s only the size of a garden shed!

  3. The government, just two months ago suggested the introduction of legislation to prohibit larger businesses operating in the UK from using products grown on land that was deforested illegally in the Amazon.
    But apparently ancient trees in England are a totally different matter? It just shows how ineffective and pointless the policies that this government make truly are.

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