A Lichfield railway bridge is one of the most struck in the UK, new figures have revealed.

The St John Street bridge was third on the list released by Network Rail.

A previous strike on the railway bridge in Lichfield

Data reveals it was hit by vehicles 23 times in the past year.

Network Rail’s chair, Sir Peter Hendy CBE, said although the overall number of bridge strikes was down across the country, the issue was still a huge problem.

“We’ve done a lot of work with partners across the industry in recent years to tackle bridge strikes, and while it’s encouraging to see our work is paying off with numbers now on the decline, there’s a lot more to be done to cut the unnecessary delays, costs and safety risks they pose.”

Sir Peter Hendy CBE

Only bridges in Hinckley and Dudley with 25 and 24 strikes were above the St John Street one in the league table.

Hideo Takano, senior structures advisor at Highways England, said:

“Although bridge strikes are comparatively low for our roads, as part of the collective drive to reduce bridge strikes happening we work with other transport authorities as part of the Bridge Strike Prevention Group and welcome Network Rail’s new campaign.

“Bridges strikes can cause hours of disruption and although we re-open our roads as soon as possible we recognise the frustration delays can cause.

“Around two-thirds of bridge strikes on our roads are caused by vehicles carrying a load.

“So, to reduce the risk of this happening we urge all drivers to follow these simple steps – know your height, plan your route and secure your load.”

Hideo Takano


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  1. It’s not surprising as Lichfield is becoming a rat run fo HGV’s in ever increasing numbers. They are continually ignoring the by-pass between Birmingham rd & Walsall road. I have seen them driving down Walsall road and St. John street which are very narrow particularly with parked cars. It is long overdue for these routes to be closed to them.

  2. I agree Johnneo. Ever since the Wall Island was closed overnight for works – when HGVs ignored the specified detours and ploughed straight through the city – the number of HGVs particularly in the evening/night has increased. (we live on this route) These short cuts should be closed to heavy lorries – there are plenty of ways around the city

  3. It’s not just the overhead railway bridge at the foot of St John’s Street that is suffering from the HGV traffic. Bits of the canal bridge on London Road, near the Shell garage, are crumbling off as the HGV’s travel over in ever increasing numbers. There are also cracks appearing elsewhere on the bridge!

    This traffic needs diverting out of the City, not just the centre but at the City limits where people have their homes.

  4. Send out requests for a few toots and bugles – the country needs them.
    remember kids – toots and bugles.
    The answer to Covid, brexit, Bridge calamities, planning apps…everything…
    Positivity, The Light Brigade, hope over reality…
    Toots and Bugles, way to go with this lot…

  5. How about an automatic £10,000 fine and confiscation of the vehicle for any firm whose driver ignores the signs and collides with the bridge?
    How about signage warning vehicles about to enter St. John St. of the penalty?
    Too much trouble, perhaps?

  6. It isn’t all bad news, The BitterSuite (when open) used to give out a free half-pint of their Bridge Strike Bitter to customers resident when there was an actual bridge strike.

    Though in light of some of the comments they may revise that policy going forward.

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