The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has asked the Government to start planning for the military to be used in a mass rollout of any coronavirus vaccine.

Michael Fabricant

Plans are being put in place to allow for the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine if tests continue to produce promising results.

In a question to Minister Jeremy Quin, Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the logistical aspect of any mass vaccination programme should not be underestimated.

“The Department of Health has acquired the rights to six different vaccines – 350 million doses.

“One of the vaccines by Pfizer does need to be transported at under -70°C, others do not. But whatever happens, it’s a huge logistics problem.

“Can I say that now is not the time to be shy – logistics is something the Armed Forces is very good at.

“Can I strongly suggest that now is the time he should be suggesting to Government, and not waiting for Government to say to him, that the Armed Forces are ready to help in the logistics and distribution and maybe even the inoculation of these vaccines?”

Michael Fabricant MP

The Minister replied that the military was ready to support any programme.

“The Ministry of Defence is not shy in being very proud of the capabilities that we do have, and that we can deploy.

“He’s absolutely right, that includes logistics and support of that nature, and we are absolutely ready to provide that support as required.”

Jeremy Quin MP


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12 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP urges Government to use military to help plan logistics of any coronavirus vaccination programme”

  1. Michael’s influencing power is truly astonishing.

    Meanwhile, I have a news scoop – I’ve seen a copy of Michael’s next recommendation to Parliament. Apparently he’s going to suggest that during the depths of winter, people should be advised to perhaps wear warmer clothes, and put the heating on if necessary. I understand he’ll be following this up in the late Spring, with a suggestion to begin to reduce the amount of heating and clothing as the weather begins to improve.

    Let’s hope Government will continue to listen to his sage advice.

  2. Good idea, and while we’re at it, can we get the army to enforce the lockdown and prevention measures, something some other countries did a long time ago? Our depleted police forces are struggling to cope with all of the selfish idiots out there.

  3. Michael – when are you going to respond to your constituents about the reasons for voting against free school meals for hungry children in the holidays?

    We know the government has u-turned on the matter so don’t use that to avoid the question.
    We have waited patiently for several weeks for your justification, isn’t it about time you responded?

    BTW, I hope the rumour is true that you intend retiring at the next election, alleluia!!

  4. Peak Toryism… 1.2 million infected with Covid, 50k+ dead, economy in crisis, unemployment rising, army in standby, kids hungry, millions in poverty, Brexit catastrophe in a matter of weeks.

  5. Putting the army on the streets to enforce lockdown measures is not a good idea. This is not a dictatorship and policing is by consent

  6. The problem is Revs33, that an increasing number of people are not consenting, and are defying the police. This country is becoming increasingly lawless, or haven’t you noticed? In the pandemic situation we’re in, with a second wave of the virus gathering pace, how do you suggest we keep control? We don’t have the number of police we need, after years of cutbacks, they are tied up in paperwork courtesy of the idiots at the Home Office, and they are fighting a losing battle against the drugs culture endemic in society. Who then would you turn to?

  7. Revs33 and John Allen – the proposal is for the army to help with the logistics, not enforcement. Let’s not get carried away.

  8. Its a coup!!! Cummings has resigned in order to lead a military take-over.
    Its been obvious from the start that was always his plan.
    Then Trump is going to come over here to become Commander-in-Chief and Ivanka will become Queen.
    I don’t understand why no-one has else has figured this out yet!?!

  9. If Mr Fabricant wants to do something useful, how about putting pressure on whichever council is responsible (which is anyone’s guess these days) to do something about the state of cycle paths around Lichfield. The cycle lanes along the Walsall Road and along Eastern Avenue are in an appalling state. At a time when many other towns have put in extra lanes, Lichfield has done absolutely nothing, and are not even maintaining the cycle lanes and paths we have. More attention to these, as was done with the cycle path alongside Stowe Pool, would be good. No doubt these will be someone else’s responsibility, which is the usual buck passing answer.

  10. Who has come up with the idea to use the Cathedral to rollout the vaccine. Where do they think people would park their cars ? The place i suggest is Whittington Barracks where the Forces medical staff are located. A well organised drive through facility would probably serve both Lichfield and Tamworth. Come on Mr Fab get your finger out !

  11. I’d of put this in the hands of the armed forces and the NHS from the start ,not the loafers in parliament
    They have the audacity to complain about thoes on ,yet all they do Is get paid to make mistake after costly mistake
    There is something seriously wrong with this country .

  12. There was a time when the Conservative & Unionist Party stood up for what was right. Traditional values, integrity, etc.
    What’s happened today with the Home Secretary is typical of this corrupt and toady govt. It’s the Farage party in all but name.

    If I was found to have bullied staff, even ‘unintentionally’ in my job, I would expect a harsh written warning at very least.
    I can’t begin to tell you, Tory MP & Councillors, the contempt I have for your govt right now.
    But you don’t have to mind me, I’d not vote Tory for love nor money, but my 18 family members who did last time, in the cause of brexit, all have said they’ll vote labour now Corbyn is gone. That number is likely to increase too. Nobody thinks the govt stands for the ‘ordinary people’. 10 of them wish brexit wasn’t happening, which is irrelevant but hope you realise this isn’t the big ticket any more…
    Just saying…can the local party actually DO something positive for this area?
    &…Can the MP stop tweeting inane screens from Parliament & address real local concerns?
    Good weekend to all!

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