Talks have begun over plans for Lichfield Cathedral used as a coronavirus vaccination centre.

Lichfield Cathedral. Picture: Mball93

The Dean of Lichfield has offered up the building for local GP practices to use once the Government accelerates any vaccination programme.

The Very Reverend Adrian Dorber said the size of the cathedral meant it would be an ideal location.

“The roll out of this new vaccine toimmunise us against COVID-19 infection is the best news of the year.

“We want to offer the cathedral nave as a big space that can safely and securely house local vaccination programmes and enablespeedy delivery to those most at risk.”

The Very Revd Adrian Dorber

The Dean said discussions were under way with local health providers to arrange facilities and appropriate dates and times.

“We pray every day for our nation and community especially for the healing the sick and protecting the vulnerable.

“It’s only right we offer the cathedral as the practical means for those prayers to be answered.”

The Very Revd Adrian Dorber


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12 replies on “Talks begin over plan for Lichfield Cathedral to be used as coronavirus vaccination centre”

  1. I Wonder if the Vatican will do the same let us pray this solves the mightmare and the almighty will protect and watch over us, the echoes will travel well when the needle is injected if it quicker than a Westgate appointment I applaud.

  2. What a miserable, un Christian world you must live in Steve. We should be praising the cathedral for stepping forward, not looking for ulterior motives everywhere.

  3. Steve – where is your head at?
    I’m not particularly religious but don’t have to be to understand the Cathedral’s motive here…
    What is your opinion of the virus…please share your thoughts because otherwise…
    …you come across as a nasty little person.
    And you should have an opportunity to defend your view…please take it.

  4. Vaccine delivery is going to be interesting. It is quite a logisticial problem to be solved. The vaccine closest to being ready needs to be kept at -70 C. It is not yet known how long it will remain viable out of that temperature. It will not come ready to inject but will need to be mixed with saline and drawn into syringes. Due to it being a new vaccine those getting the shots will need to remain around for a while afterwards to ensure no adverse reactions, and any medical attention needed will have to be rapidly available.

  5. Brilliant idea?

    Go look at the record of Pfizer please.

    Aside from the fact they charged our NHS 2600% more than the proper rate for diabetes drugs they own the global record of 2.3 billion for illegitimate activity. They have been caught numerous times for incentivising doctors across the world to push their products illegally. They have been admitty culpable in more cases than I care to mention and have settled every time, go look how many of their drugs have been removed from market after killing people in large amounts.

    They have been nailing people to the wall and have settled hundreds of millions many times over decades.

    Great for Lichfield?

    I think not.

  6. By the way we have human rights laws that allow us to choose if we receive vaccination the uk

    Why is there a lobby to change that law for what is mostly a harmless virus? Greater than 99.5% are unharmed.

    Why would Lichfield support this?

    Why is fabricant not speaking against this? Is he not aware? If not why not?

    The information is available at committees.Parliament. Uk/writtenevidence/9253/pdf/

  7. The MHRA are demanding a new AI program due to the massive amount of ADR they are expecting from this so called vaccine. They know their system will fail due to the quantity of health issues they will receive and will need to record and report, does this not worry you? This is their wording and available in gvt documents.

    If you know what the MHRA is then there you go, if you don’t then please look it up.

  8. @ Jamie – as expected from an anti-vaxxer, your information is deliberately (or just foolishly) misleading. There is no law (or proposed law) to insist that people should be vaccinated – so why are you pretending to argue against one?

    And of course MHRA are going to have to put special measures in place to monitor an unusually rapidly produced vaccine against a new virus that has killed over a million people across the world since March despite extreme measures to control it?

    And if you want to look up MHRA – why not read what they actually said?

    “Based on the available published reports from the Phase I/II trials, we do not currently anticipate any specific safety concerns with COVID-19 vaccines, and we expect the general safety profile to be similar to other types of vaccine.

    “Our past experience with other new immunisation campaigns is that we tend to receive around 1 Yellow Card report per 1,000 doses administered and we are preparing our surveillance systems on that basis.

    “The purpose of the AI tool we are introducing as part of our Yellow Card system is to help us rapidly evaluate such reports after approval, and not as part of the approval process.

    “A COVID-19 vaccine will only be deployed once it has been proven to be safe and effective through robust clinical trials and approved for use by the appropriate licensing authority.

    “It is also important to note that a report of a suspected ADR is not proof of a side effect occurring due to the vaccine but a suspicion by the reporter that the vaccine may have caused the side effect.”

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