Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP says he has written to police chiefs over concerns about “heavy handed tactics” being used by security guards working on the HS2 project.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has asked for clarification from Staffordshire Police’s Chief Constable Gareth Morgan after being contacted by campaigners.

There have been a number of protests along the route of the controversial high speed rail line after preparatory work began to clear woodland ready for the construction phase to start.

But Mr Fabricant said claims had been made that a protester was detained by security staff after catapulting carrots at them over a fence in Fradley.

An image sent to Michael Fabricant MP that protesters say show the campaigner being detained

“The law does not permit using excessive force by HS2 against protestors.

“I was not a witness to the event so I cannot judge whether excessive force was used or, indeed, whether any force was necessary at all.

“But several constituents have contacted me about this event and I take their concern seriously.

“I have, therefore, written to the Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police Gareth Morgan to ask whether there is evidence that HS2 personnel have committed an assault, and have also written to Andrew Stephenson MP – the minister at the Department for Transport responsible for HS2, and the managing director of HS2, Mark Thurston.

“Lawful protest against HS2 is permitted – heavy handed tactics by HS2 are not.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Those who support or destroy UK wildlife habitats and decimate our woodlands in this age of Biodiversity loss & climate catastrophe should hang thier heads in shame… Extinction is too good for them

  2. What a beautiful waste of time and money michael, you just get better

    If someone is hurtling carrots or anything at anyone in pretty sure that is unacceptable

    Moaning about it afterwards is typical

    Take a look in the mirror and think

    You should be using your time better to talk to the council about the numerous issues we have on our roads that are in disrepair and I have personally reported to you at least 6 times with specific locations and pictures

    Or the crossings that were installed with no sirens, how a blind person is supposed to get on with a walk around the circumference of our city I’ll never know, any progress on that?

    Or the ridiculous system they have put in place at the recycling centre that causes havoc and distress for the residents, never mind the queues that block trent Valley Rd, Eastern avenue etc. Any feedback on that issue I’ve reported to you months ago?

  3. In response to Jamie’s point: have you noticed that some roads have been in disarray for years, literally 3-4 years yet the flowers are always planted and presented beautifully in beacon park within a week of the dead flowers being removed?

    LC need to get their priorities straight!

  4. All the issues about Lichfield’s road surfaces etc are local authority matters. HS2 is a white elephant vanity project by the Government, which will only benefit fat cat investors. It is destroying English biodiversity for ever, for no good reason. Our MP is the obvious person to question the tactics of HS2 personnel.

  5. I think you’ll find Jamie that road maintenance is down to the county council or Highways England. Having said this, I had a crack at reporting things to the CC, but didn’t get very far. You can only report individual potholes, which are then assigned a number, which is not issued to stretches of road, as these will apparently be picked up in routine inspections. Make sense of that if you can. I suppose I could make a few dozen reports for every bad road, but life is too short.

  6. Brett – he won’t because he thinks he has been exonerated – by the Tories!! BUT his constituents will remember another racist gaffe by him to go along with the Sadiq Khan tweet.

  7. Get over it. The HS2 project is going ahead. You are wasting your time and taxpayer money protesting.
    I bet you moaned about the motorways and now you use them. Or moaned about new housing developments and live in one. Grow up and do something real, like picking up the street rubbish thrown out of cars and lorries at Hilliard’s Cross.

  8. Interesting to see someone speaking up for HS2; or is that overstating it SRJ? Is it a case of just accepting whatever is thrown at us irrespective of wrong it is or how much money is being wasted? The comparison with motorways and housing developments is pretty irrelevant. HS2 will benefit few people and waste billions on something that will not be needed when it is finally finished, whilst we struggle with the economic fallout from the pandemic. That doesn’t sound grown up to me.

  9. The plan should’ve been:
    Phase 1 – HS1 – Channel tunnel great idea, done.
    Phase 2 – West-East across North of England to link up Northern cities & reboot local branch lines – much needed, politically beneficial if the North is important to you, but not financially sound – re-market as HS2. Never happened.
    Phase 3 – HS2 – sold as a benefit to us all economically but in reality, esp. now, hardly anyone benefits. Vanity project on steroids. Should be HS3 but sadly not.
    It’s v disappointing that the local MP used to stand up against HS2 and now throws his weight against anti-carrot-throwers at most.
    What does Lichfield & Burntwood gain from HS2 – nothing that I can see…anyone differ on that?
    What does this area lose – ancient woodland, heritage, low-level noise pollution…sure there’s more…
    It’s not too late to stop this behemoth surely: during a global pandemic it seems ridiculous to me that funds aren’t channelled to the Northern lines which are actually terrible for commuters and require updates just to ensure existing users can use them efficiently and, politically, would keep the ‘Red Wall’ happy.
    And the prime monster (not a typo) loves a big build fantasy construction project to keep the public happy.

  10. Quite so. Less money could have been spent on sorting out our existing rail network, especially in the North where it’s all falling apart. And is the existing system of short term private franchises really the best way of running our railways? HS2 never had a credible business case from the start, and it’s credibility is declining with each passing year. In the meantime we face the desecration of large parts of our country. We should be objecting to this.

  11. I live in Hanch near Lichfield, and the area around us is being systematically destroyed by US2, ups sorry HS2. The woods around Black Slough and leading up to Tesco’s warehouse have been decimated. Why all this needless and wanton vandalism is taking place is unbelievable. I have not seen such destruction since they built the Toll Road, and laid waste to acres of trees which have still not recovered. The problem is this is far worse, the lame excuse of replanting trees is a sick joke, it will be thirty or forty years before any seedlings planted will even approach being partly grown trees. People along the scar of HS2 will be living with this destruction for years to come, as partly filled hi-speed trains thunder through the desolation caused by the building of this pointless and needless monstrosity. I dread to think what will be left of the countryside around us, it certainly will not even begin to recover in my lifetime.
    We had four years of Hell caused by the British Rail four tracking scheme that took twice as long as the Idiots who built it promised. God lone knows how long this unwanted monstrosity will take to build, so a few extremely rich layabouts can stuff their pockets with more skimmed off cash. Bryan Yates.

  12. Quite so. As for how long this white elephant will take to complete, that’s anyone’s guess. When have we ever finished a major project in this country on time and on budget? The spending has already drifted off target. I am genuinely baffled as to why this project is still being allowed to carry on. Has the government not heard of cutting your losses and ditching an unwanted waste of money?

  13. Noise will certainly be a factor for those within earshot. Anyone who has been near to any TGV line in France when a train is passing knows this.

  14. SRJ has a very passive acceptance of things, doesn’t he/she? Hard to imagine them getting passionate about anything. Until it directly affects them, that is……

  15. Security guards have no more power to detain than any other member of the public. Their job title gives them zero additional power to detain people.

    And for what? Someone lobbing carrots at them??!!! Talk about snowflakes……

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