Police are trying to find criminals who stole a van in Lichfield.

The Transit vehicle was taken from Greenhough Road between 5pm on 16th November and 11am the following day.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 quoting incident 304 of 17th November.


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5 replies on “Appeal for information after van is stolen in Lichfield”

  1. Lots of crime in the district recently. Theft from vehicles, theft of vehicles, burglaries, vandalism to property – list goes on. Where are the police? All they seem to do is ask the public for support on cases. The roads by my new build neighbourhood have turned into a race track each night for months. Police aren’t interested.

  2. We have so few police officers for Lichfield. I think the criminals have realised this & are using it to there advantage. Lichfield has changed alot over the last few years and our police haven’t moved with the times. I think the last time i had to ring the police I was told we had 4 officers for the area and it took a good few days for them to get round to me. When did anyone see a police officer in Lichfield ?? I haven’t… even the community liaison aren’t about anymore. Crime is only going to increase in the area. It’s inevitable. Lichfield is still better to live in than most areas in the UK. Got to areas of Walsall and Wolverhampton and you will see no end of crime and violence… Drugs, prostitution etc…. All in the day.

  3. Crime has gone up in Lichfield,what do you expect when they closed the police station.l was stopped by 3 men in the centre of lichfield,luckily l defended myself,where could l have gone to report it,when l mentioned it at the council office,they said l should have dialled 999 on my phone,so lm supposed to say to these guys,just before you rob me can l dial 999

  4. A policeman is like a council worker. Report it -wait for somebody to give you a date when they can come round

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