Plans for two new homes in Shenstone have been approved – despite a councillor saying they were “appalling” and looked more in-keeping with a mountainside in the Alps.

An artist’s impression of the new properties. Picture: Lichfield District Council planning portal

The two buildings have been earmarked for land at 62 Pinfold Hill.

Planning consultant Richard West told the meeting of Lichfield District Council that the design of the new homes drew on architectural details from nearby properties.

But Cllr Richard Cox said he was not a fan of the style of the proposed properties.

“On design, I see very little merit in terms of Shenstone and being in-keeping with the street scene.

“I know that design is subjective, but I consider it being more at ease as pine lodge in a forest or on a mountainside in the Alps – not in the village of Shenstone.

“I think the design is appalling.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

Other members of the committee also questioned the merits of the design.

Cllr David Leytham said:

“When the street scene drawing was shown it showed two enormous trees in front of the houses – does this indicate that the developer accepts the design is so poor they have to be hidden?

“I don’t think they fit at all.”

Cllr David Leytham, Lichfield District Council

But despite criticism of the design, councillors opted to approve the scheme given the design was in line with that of a previously approved single property on the same site.

Full details of the development are available on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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19 replies on “Plans for two new homes in Shenstone are approved despite councillor branding design “appalling””

  1. I think they’re great; lots of natural light. They look similar to the houses on Quarry Hills Lane in Lichfield. So many modern housing developments are bland and uninspiring: Not everybody wants to live in a mock Tudor box.

  2. How old is the objecting councillor? Get with the times. Things move on, design progresses. I think they look great.

  3. Well there is quite a history of curious planning decisions in this area. It was judged, for instance, that London Road garage is a shop, not a petrol station, so that it could sell alcohol, despite there being a petrol station on the site since at least 1926, and the bulk of the turnover is, surprisingly, petrol and diesel. Then there was the decision to allow an off-licence in the Dimbles area, to the dismay of the North Lichfield Initiative. The list goes on.

  4. I live a few doors away and think the designs for the plot look great. Good to see some modern architecture in the village.

  5. Not my cup of tea to be fair. People gravitate to traditional designs, so in 30 years time these will look dated an tired.

  6. I think they look great. Why should every house look the same?
    They’re aesthetically pleasing so I see no problem.

  7. For clarification, I didn’t object to the application, I said that my personal view was I think the design is appalling and acknowledged that design is subjective.

    I voted for approval as my own personal opinions shouldn’t be taken into planning consideration therefore accepting the officer’s recommendation to approve.

    As with the comments to the news article, design is clearly subjective with some loving the design to those who do not. Each one of us are and should be allowed to express an opinion without receiving negative comments just because they differ.

    Personally, I respect all comments whether they are different to my own opinions or not and certainly not offended when my age is brought into question or not being with the times. For information Richard, I’m 57 although there shouldn’t be any relevance to age.

  8. Completely agree, age is irrelevant and thank you Cllr Richard for clarifying the context.

    As a resident of Shenstone, I know that there are a variety of architectural styles, both traditional and modern, so expect them to fit in fine with the surroundings. I personally like them and if the execution and detailing is of good quality and they work well functionally as homes then the correct recommendation was made and would expect them to stand the test of time. Hopefully the modern design also reflects modern environmental technologies, which are sorely lacking in most of our housing stock.

  9. It’s a village and used to be a lovely one .. lovely old cottages untill “getting with progress” took over. Hideous . Glad I don’t live in pinfold hill any more to look at those hideous things

  10. If we expect housing to fit in with the surroundings we’d all still be living in mud huts. I think they are lovely.

  11. They look really energy efficient, what is hideous are the bland boxes around Waitrose and the hundreds of Taylor Wimpy offerings going up near Wall, it looks like legoland.

  12. I actually live next door to the current property and I think the design is refreshing for the road. Have the negative commenters seen what is currently there? The current design is appalling! Shenstone needs more properties, and the developers have taken a site and given two families an opportunity to move into a very modern well designed property. Shenstone needs to make way for more properties and this is a brilliant way to save our Greenbelt!

  13. I thought the plan I worked on for years with many others objected to infilling???
    Only thing I can hope that this cheap looking design is that they are ‘affordable’ homes. They are very similar to the ones that went up in Newtown in Birmingham recently.

  14. I really don’t understand Lichfield planning at all. These are agreed but more subtle development plans have been rejected.

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