Burntwood Town Council’s share of the council tax bill may not be increased next year, a draft budget has revealed.

The authority’s financial matters will be up for discussion at a meeting on 26th November.

But a report to the session has said there may be no need to increase the tax income it generates in 2021-22.

“The town council’s position is such that it can forego an increase in the precept if it chooses to do so.

“There is sufficient funding in the general reserve to cover any reduction in expected income or failure to make savings.”

Draft budget report

The report reveals that the town council currently has a general reserve of £101,164 available.

“It is more than enough to cover any loss of income from rents and service charges or failure to reduce non-staff related costs by 2%.

“To take account of the likely ongoing impact of the pandemic, Lichfield District Council has assumed a 30% increase in working age claimants of Local Council Tax Support as a central scenario.

“This increase in a ‘discount’ will reduce the council tax base. The draft budget takes account of this predicted reduction.”

Draft budget report

The overall budget would see a reduction of more than £40,000 for the next financial year, with savings being made in other areas such as the refurbishment of the Old Mining College Centre and areas such as advertising and employee and civic expenses.


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