Police have issued a warning to motorbike owners not to use them in Beacon Park.

Staffordshire Police say they have received reports of nuisance mopeds being ridden through the area.

PCSO Alyx Hart said riders should be aware of the laws around using motorbikes away from roads.

“We have had a couple of reports over the past couple of weeks in relation to nuisance bikes and mopeds on Beacon Park

“Antisocial use of a vehicle, such as street racing, street cruising or off-road use is more than a matter of noise pollution – though this can be the most noticeable problem.

“It’s against the law in the UK to ride hoverboards, minibikes or mini motos, motorised scooters such as GoPeds on both public roads and pavements.

“While quad bikes, three-wheeled bikes, trail bikes and some other two-wheeled vehicles are built for off-road use, it is against the law to ride them in public parks or on publicly-owned land without permission from the local authority.

“As with unlicensed powered vehicles, these can only be used on private roads or land with the road or land-owner’s permission.”

PCSO Alyx Hart, Staffordshire Police

People can report people riding in parks by calling police in 101.


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