Infection rates in Staffordshire had not fallen enough to avoid Tier 3 restrictions, Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has said.

The Government has confirmed the area would face the highest level of restrictions when the national lockdown ends on 2nd December.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said he recognised the impact the new measures would have on local people and businesses.

Michael Fabricant

“I very much regret Staffordshire being placed in Tier 3 restrictions and had hoped we might remain in Tier 2.

“However, COVID-19 infection rates were high throughout Staffordshire and although they had begun to fall in recent days as a result of the lockdown, they had not fallen enough and infection rates remain high in Lichfield district and elsewhere in Staffordshire, with the exception of Cannock which is slightly lower.

“I recognise how damaging this will be to businesses everywhere, but in most cases Government support will continue at least until the end of March.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The measures are due to be reviewed before Christmas – and Mr Fabricant said he was hopeful there would be a brighter future ahead.

“There is now a very clear light at the end of this gloomy tunnel with vaccines becoming available next month and through the first quarter of 2021 – we will then be able to return to near normal life.

“In the meantime, we must all try and stay safe and not recklessly endanger the lives of others.

“I know that some people will question this tiering system, but it is there to save lives. 

“And this is not just from COVID-19, but to stop the NHS becoming overwhelmed as it has in some European countries, and causing those suffering from other medical conditions not to get the hospital treatment they urgently need.

“Of course, there will be some respite from all this over Christmas, but it is important that we do not run wild and stick to the rules.

“If infection rates do not rise, but continue on their downward path, there is a chance that Staffordshire will drop to Tier 2 when this is reviewed in a month’s time.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. I saw this coming ages ago – the lockdown isn’t a true lockdown, schools are open and spreading infection into wider community.
    But hey – covid’s going on it’s 5 day holiday at Christmas, we’ll all be ok to mingle then.
    The rules are ridiculous, I hope people remember this when they vote next time.

  2. Quite so Kitty. This virus is clearly very clever. Not only can it count (rule of six), but it knows when it’s Christmas. If only the government were that clever.

  3. We all know there is a hidden agenda here! Our freedoms are being constantly taken away in the name of a virus! The numbers are being manipulated, undertakers are quiet, test centres have been empty, yet the numbers continue to rise! The numbers don’t add up & the Government won’t release Freedom of Information facts for people to judge the facts for themselves!
    Scientists feed us erroneous information & charts which suits their corrupt agenda!
    This country will have changed beyond all recognition long before the next election & we may as well live in North Korea for all the freedoms we will have!
    Democracy has gone!

  4. I am content to stay home, a home with a garden, can afford a fortnightly grocery delivery, can talk to family & friends…avoid people and help reduce spread. I’m fortunate. Doesn’t make me happy.
    I’m therefore not against lockdown per se if it’s short, sensible & assists track & trace and the NHS.
    But the govt seems keen to do populist stuff which ends up blaming the people. It permits interactions which we all know are daft – Christmas for example.
    We here have one of the worst covid hit economies, one of the worst death tolls & yet, people blaming each other…just what the govt wants. They are to blame for the catastrophe and shenanigans we’re seeing here.
    I think I’m right in saying we’re all sick of this & think the rules are daft but…you can’t blame people for doing what they’re allowed to do, you can’t blame people for trying to get on with life within the rules.
    A few thousand idiots who don’t follow the rules are stupid, but the vast majority of covid infection is spread through legal interaction, millions do the best they can.
    And what can we do about this? Nothing. Enjoy Christmas, have your family round…create a 3 word slogan…

  5. So, Mr F, if government support is going to continue until at least the end of March for those affected by Covid-19, will the same rules apply to those who lose their livelihoods because of Brexit? Or is it still the case that ‘jobs are a price worth paying’ so Tory speculators can make their millions out of the Brexit chaos? Do please tell us what is going on, after all, time is running out…

  6. I think we’re all getting fed up with this. The amount of money wasted on testing / track and trace is shocking the specific targeting of hospitality in my view is unjustified.
    The plan relies on the successful implementation of the vaccine which must be better organised than testing / track and trace and definitely not awarded to Serco (contact tracking) and Deloitte(test centres).

    I fear a long 4 months of tier3&2 restrictions and many of our local hospitality venues disappearing.

    No one has all the answers but the plan over the last 4 months and it’s execution leave a lot to be decided.

    Just hope we don’t get endless documentaries and films about it.

  7. I have termanal cancer and this is going to be my last Christmas and new year and now the thought of not being able to see my close family and friends over this period is heart breaking for me..

  8. Do we Lynette Timmins? Please tell us what this hidden agenda is. It must include the whole world, so would be an unprecedented international collaboration. Does the UN know about this? Or are they part of the conspiracy?

  9. James, I for one would happily stay in lockdown a lot longer if it meant people in your situation could safely enjoy Christmas with family and friends and I’m sure many others would say the same. I hope you find some solutions that work for you to have the best Christmas possible. Take care.

  10. This just not make sense – we are being lumped in with Stoke on Trent and other parts of Staffordshire where rates are a lot higher. From what we see in Lichfield most people are obeying the rules (wearing masks etc) and the rates are going down. The tiers are based on out of date data and the hospitality business in the area have in the main have worked hard to ensure the safety of all their customers. There will now be crowds of people in shops for all their Christmas shopping and so the rates will not appear to fall before the 16th of Dec so guess what, we will be stuck in tier3, likewises the Christmas bubbles.

  11. Lynette Timmins – our freedoms are being altered for the greater good. As someone who has spent 4 months on a cancer ward, I can tell you that your freedom to be at home and to have your health should be valued more than any bat-spit crazy conspiracy theory.

  12. for those moaning about being placed in a high tier, just have a look at the data on PHE. Lichfield has a remarkably high infection. If the areas are too small any restrictions are useless. We are not lumped woth Stoke on Trent as far as i can see. I prefer to clamp down on activities now, and live to see a good few years yet. Saving life, and preventing serious lifelong illness from the aftermath of Covid should be everyone’s preference. Unfortunately the general public seem to be unable to do any of this without public restrictions

  13. Due to years of cuts hidden behind “Austerity” this government has closed down so many agencies and organisations and pared anything remaining down to the bones, that we were only just keeping up appearances, we had no plan b, that had been made redundant and told to go self employed.
    Now, shock horror, there is nothing left for the government to turn to, those resources and people are no more and stuff like test & trace had to be put out to govt contractor cowboys like Serco who have no idea how to handle a large scale emergency, but can do a great presentation on their stock exchange share price. We have a government that is woefully inadequate, that wont face up to realities, and is paralyzed when it has to make hard choices, particularly if it affects their hold on power.
    They have subverted their own integrity and dont care for the populace in general, so long as they themselves are OK, and making loads of money from the chaos they have created.
    No empathy, dont care and criminal, there’s a slogan you can forward to your boss in No.10 Mr Fabricant.

  14. It makes no sense why have these tiers when they are letting football fans go to matches and letting people gather at Xmas then everyone will be dead in January total idiots

  15. My elderly family members have said they don’t want any visitors, do your own thing, ignore me…etc
    We all want to see elderly relatives, It’s been tough…but, we respect their choice. It’s difficult…
    There may be people in a reverse position so for example, health-wise, it might be their final family Christmas, they should have that choice to enjoy it with their family & loved ones if they’d like to.
    I think this is important & should be borne in mind when people make plans…also govt should understand there are immediate wishes of individuals to take into account.
    Will this be acknowledged by govt at all? I think it’s very important?

  16. Yes i think should stay locked even for christmas because the hospitals are after going to be back to the beginning which such a shame theres plenty more Christmases, also think the schools should all close as things are worsening by sending pupils home alot .

  17. There is no sense, Phil…tory leadership listens to its base only & the base says unlock, however most people just want elderly relatives to stay alive…it’s a hard choice for those in charge isn’t it…Pass the risk to us individuals…it’ll be out fault.
    The govt should support businesses affected by covid &+factor in brexit but they won’t do that because, well, ‘will of the people’.
    No one mentions brexit anymore but in 6 months time…blame it on the covid.

  18. Well said Burntwood bloke, We have to many let’s say “confused people” with ideas on what is happening, it’s a pandemic, which has affected the World end of story, let’s get through it and we will get back to as Normal a world as we have, hope your feeling ok after your time in hospital, stay safe

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