Businesses and residents in Lichfield and Burntwood will face further coronavirus restrictions after the Government confirmed Staffordshire would be in Tier 3 next month.

The new measures will take effect when the current national lockdown ends.

It will mean people cannot meet socially indoors or in outdoor venues, including private gardens with people who they do not live with.

The rule of six will continue to apply in public outdoor spaces such as parks.

But pubs, cafes and restaurants will only be able to operate on a collection or take away businesses, while hotels will shut.


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  1. More local jobs and businesses destroyed… where is the data and the justification for this decision? We need to have clarity on why decisions are taken and what exactly are they going to do to support economic activity. We will probably just get the usual veiled threats and platitudes from Staffs CC our highly esteemed MP and the Police.

  2. This is ridiculous. The above rules do not even make sense: How can you have a “Rule of six” in a park but not meet outdoors anyway? As the previous comment said, jobs and businesses will be annihilated by this unnecessary lockdown.
    It would appear that the annual flu figures are now being added to the Covid ones to make the statistics sound worse. As someone said “If lockdowns work – why are we having a second one? If lockdowns don’t work – why are we having a second one?” Well done Sweden the sensible.

  3. I’m in Tier 2, and my partner in Tier 3 after 2nd lockdown ends. We are in a support bubble & live apart. She lives in Lichfield & I live in Bucks.
    Can I still visit my partner?

  4. Lockdowns do work Mr Green: they drove down the infection rate as was needed, the trouble was as soon as we came out of lockdown 1 there’s obviously more social interaction and as time went on people got fed up with the rules/have no consideration for their fellow man so infections go up hence lockdown 2. And you can bet your life that people will continue in the same fashion as they have before and we’ll be staring at lockdown 3, etc etc etc.
    And the very same people will then moan and question why this is all necessary.
    I agree that businesses will battered but the culprits are the population not the government, not this time anyway.

  5. I can go and stand in supermarket or clothing stores with hundreds of people get my hair cut one on one with someone I don’t know but I can’t go to my local pub with people I know.
    But is ok London can go out and enjoy themselves, it is about time our MP’S start fighting for our area instead of sitting back and taking the money.

  6. I don’t like the decision but I’m not remotely surprised by it, given that in the last month Lichfield’s infection rates have rocketed beyond those in Manchester & Brum. But why that surge has been so dramatic baffles me.

  7. As if by magic the Leader of Staffs CC and our esteemed local MP pops up just moments after the story breaks to justify the decision. They are the problem as they represent a party and government which is slowly destroying the country in so many ways; Brexit, systemic failures with track and trace, Dominic Cummings, COVID testing, PPE procurement, voting against free meal vouchers, breaking international law, destroying the Good Friday Agreement just to name a few…

  8. Have to agree with some of the comments on here. As much as I disagree with Mr Fabricant on several issues, we can’t blame him for Lichfield being in Tier 3. It’s people generally, who are responsible for this. I go food shopping and, with a few exceptions, I’m generally having to distance myself from others who stand too close to me. Its as if wearing a mask gives people immunity or something.

    Quite simply, if people followed the rules – we wouldn’t be in this mess again.

  9. P the answer is yes visit or be visited . Bryan the day that both the Lichfield and Tamworth MPs stop being yes men taking huge salaries you will see all those pigs on the Tamworth road take off and fly

  10. Bryan other MPs do stand up
    Many businesses in Fleetwood have backed MP Cat Smith’s call after she tackled the Prime Minister over the introduction of new tier arrangements after lockdown

  11. I don’t understand it, I can’t meet anyone outside socially or in an outdoor public venues, but I can observe the rule of six ??
    It’s just ridiculous, we are either in lockdown or out , which is it??

  12. According to the data figures, it seems that Lichfield central is sticking to the rules, but other parts of Staffordshire are not, so we have to suffer for the lack of discipline of others. So tier three it is for us.

  13. Phoned Dr at salters meadow. I suffer from bronchitis and asthma and I have been coughing up blood. Dr said I would have to have covid test before the Dr would see me. I rang 111 then 119.they said what symptoms have you, I said none, they said no symptoms no test. I said Dr’s request, they said no symptoms no test still haven’t seen a doctor. Blood stopped now may have ran out???

  14. I am amazed how many people keep on blaming other people for spreading covid. Life is going on people are working together and using public transport. The ways of catching covid are numerous and a lot of people have any idea that they have got it. We do not have a decent system in to track and trace people and testing is hit and miss. Yes some peoole do not conform but stop blaming the ordinary people keeping the economy going and education is playing a big part in the spread of covid

  15. Well Revs33, the data is available from the Office of National Statistics and widely publicised, have you not seen it, or don’t you want to? As for another poster, Sweden doesn’t seem that sensible now, as it suffers the most rapid rise in cases in Europe. It’s not a conspiracy, just the usual incompetence we’ve come to expect from government, and sections of the population who don’t give a damn about others.

  16. We live in Barton under needwood have followed all the regulations since March see no family or friends wear masks keep spaces and wash hands
    On this last close down we went from tier 1 to tier 2 how come after closedown we suddenly shot up to tier 3 lower figures than London
    Is it that money talks

  17. #Tim and anyone else that is interested. I felt unwell but did not have the widely publised symptoms. 3 days later I decided to have a test. At that time there was no test centre in Lichfield and I wasn’t up to driving and in any case I didn’t think it wise to go out. I ordered a test kit through However, when the question about symptoms came up there was no option to state that I was feeling unwell. So, I ticked to say I had a cough. Kit arrived (this is making Amazon richer) test done and courier collected who was my local postman; that was a surprise but at least it wasn’t Amazon. 2 days later I got a text stating I was positive and had to quarantine for 10 days. Not a problem. Fortunately, I was only mildly attacked and did not need to be hospitalised.
    The dangers of how the virus is spread are very clear, but sadly had I not lied about having a symptom then I would never have known that I had the virus and may have unknowingly transmitted it to others.
    Oh, in case you are wondering, yes I followed all the guidelines.

  18. I for one find the potential deaths if we do not reduce this virus a worry. Living with an 80 year old and a cancer recovered plus being in my 60s requires caution.
    This virus gets everywhere, please let’s not wait for more deaths. Keep washing hands, keep distance, keep mouths and noses covered

  19. Local super market horrendous. Sanatiser as you go into store runs out regularly. I see lots of people just walk straight in. Once inside it’s a nightmare, mostly a free for all. I didn’t realise that this virus doesn’t exist in supermarket. To top it all when approach a staff member to inform sanatiser run out at entrance, her reply with eye roll. Oh it’s the end of the world. I look after myself to protect my family why wouldn’t she.

  20. @Wendy, would you care to name the supermarket? I understand if you don’t want to, but if they are not running this branch safely it should be called out. I am a very laid-back customer, but if I got that kind of response I would be emailing their head office to complain. I caught Covid-19 in March and it was really unpleasant, took months to feel properly well again (I am a mid-40s white female, healthy BMI, fit and with no pre-existing health conditions). I haven’t set foot in a supermarket for 5 months and counting, doing all I can to avoid catching it again from idiots like these!

  21. Wendy we dont use the hand sanitizer as my husband and I carry our own and put it on just as we get into the shop..that saying we very rarely go to the supermarket together and we are in our 40’s

    We are doing our bit so dont judge before you know the facts

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