The Tier 3 announcement will be a bitter blow for families and business in Lichfield and Burntwood, the leader of Staffordshire County Council has said.

The news means many businesses will be unable to reopen when the national lockdown ends on 2nd December.

The restrictions will also see strict limits on people being able to meet others from outside their own households.

Cllr Alan White, leader of Staffordshire County Council, said the announcement would be be a bitter blow for locals.

Cllr Alan White

“We have worked hard to bring cases down and the move to the Very High Alert Level is a big disappointment.

“We understand that the decision is based on a number of factors and not just case rates, and our priority now is to get some of the restrictions lifted as quickly as possible.

“We have shown in the last few weeks that we can work together and bring cases down, and the challenge now is to maintain this when the current national lockdown restrictions end next week.

“This is going to take a collective effort and some personal sacrifice, but sticking to the Very High Tier rules is our best chance of getting back to a lower tier, allowing more businesses to reopen and getting back more of the freedoms we once took for granted.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council


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  1. So the plandemic continues. High cases at Swinfen and other Staffordshire jails mean that everyone has to go into Tier 3, regardless of the fact that cases are probably low everywhere else. Problem is, we have not got any detailed data to support or go against these ridiculous decisions, especially when the specific criteria is not shared. Post Covid, there won’t actually be any businesses to go to after this has ended. BTW Do you have any stats on (1) cancer and other disease fatalities as an indirect cause of not being able to see anyone in hospital. (2) No. of increased suicides in the region caused by people worried about paying mortgages, etc,due to Covid restrictions causing people to lose their jobs. Too much focus on one particular virus IMO and being blind sided by it when there are so many other issues.

  2. Tier 1 and a few days in tier 2 pre lockdown and now our situation has worsened into tier 3.

    Lichfield should’ve been tighter when we were in tier 1 with not allowing people from outside Lichfield to enter pubs, restaurants etc. ID’s should’ve been checked.
    Let’s hope this is a short time spent in tier 3.

  3. Where is Fabricant fitting our corner we are not Stoke and our infection rates are no where near Stoke or North Staffordshire.
    Sorry forgot he always goes with the flow of the party or is a few days behind. Wake up man fight for your constituents and businesses!

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