Lichfield’s MP says people visiting from neighbouring areas with high rates of COVID-19 infections meant our area had to be put into Tier 3.

The whole of Staffordshire will see the tightest band of coronavirus measures introduced after the current national lockdown ends on 2nd December.

The infection rate across the district has fallen from around 430 per 100,000 at the start of this period before falling to around 230 earlier this week.

But Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said splitting the county into smaller areas based on local rates would have carried too many risks.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

“Many residents understandably wonder why Lichfield District will be put in Tier 3 when England leaves lockdown on 3rd December.

“Unfortunately, the rates are still extremely high in Stafford, South Staffordshire, East Staffordshire and to the south. 

“As a consequence, our hospitals are approaching capacity due to the demand and clinical staff being off sick. 

“Moreover, the belief is that if Lichfield district had been on Tier 2, people from more infected areas including Sutton Coldfield and the rest of Birmingham would have come to Lichfield to enjoy our vibrant nightlife and consequently spread infection into the district.

“In other parts of Europe and the United States, hospital services have become overwhelmed preventing patients having access to urgent hospital treatment.  This cannot be allowed to happen here.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The Tier 3 restrictions will be reviewed midway through December, before the rules are relaxed for a window over Christmas.

Mr Fabricant admitted this temporary switch during the Christmas period could see cases rise again.

“During Christmas respite the infection rate may spike again, but I am hoping that by the end of January or before, Lichfield will be able to leave Tier 3 and, as the vaccination programme gathers momentum, we will begin to return to near normal life in the spring.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Is this Mr Fabricant’s most crass comment yet? Worth checking out the full version on his Facebook page. Unfortunately we have another four years of this…

  2. Come on MF get behind the public sentiment we do not want to be in Tier3 after 16th December, start pushing for this now, not the vaccine orientated proposal of Spring 2021

  3. Doesn’t have his own view. Simply a yes man for BJ.
    The reason cases spiked originally could probably be linked to trains full of people coming from Birmingham when tier system started.
    Police the stations, send them back.

  4. Mr F is an irrelevance. He has no influence with Boris & Carrie, he regurgitates Tory policy and has no mind of his own. I bet he will vote in favour of a pay rise for MP’s and a freeze on pay for public workers. After all, he has never justified voting against free school meals in the holidays for poor children. Awful man who is so self-absorbed.

    I’m just pleased that he has not refuted the rumour that he will retire at the next election. Perhaps Doug Pullen or Matthew Ellis will consider a career in Parliament.

  5. What a stupid comment by our ridiculous MP. People from Sutton coldfield and Birmingham might come to Lichfield to enjoy out vibrant nightlife. Doesn’t he already know bars and restaurants are already shut? Absolutely hopeless, and people in lichfield vote for him?

  6. Well Mr fabricant wants to get it right sutton coldfield was in tier 2 like lichfield he mention people coming into lichfield from the most infected area sutton coldfield.

  7. Vibrant nightlife in lichfield?
    He has not got a clue how ours pubs and restaurants are even going to survive if we miss the Xmas trading period.
    I suggest that all that’s left of the trade when we do open is ban this nodding dog from all our local venues.
    Perhaps then he will understand the frustration and anxiety.

  8. Fear not ML.
    I am in Lichfield. You haven’t seen me in Waitrose recently because kind neighbours are including me in their Morrisons home deliveries.
    But many people have seen me walking round the area: follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I post some of my pics!

  9. I am struggling to understand the logic of our MP’s justification of Lichfield’s promotion from Tier 2 to Tier 3. He claims that ‘people from more infected areas including Sutton Coldfield and the rest of Birmingham’ would come here to ‘enjoy our vibrant nightlife’ and ‘spread infection into the district’.
    In that case shouldn’t all of England be in Tier 3? Or is Lichfield the only place with a ‘vibrant nightlife’?. Indeed what is to stop any selfish pleasure- seekers from any Tier 3 area (us included) sneaking into the nearest Tier 2 or 1 area for a refreshing beverage with a ‘substantial meal’ or even a reviving coffee whilst shopping? Of course, travel from a Tier 3 area should only be undertaken if absolutely essential but the temptation is obviously just too much for those pesky revellers fromSutton Coldfield and the rest of Birmingham…….

  10. I think MF is absolutely right. I sometimes shop in Lichfield from another area and I wdn’t want to spread the virus. Don’t these people have vulnerable friends and relatives? Selfish lot. The most intelligence I have seen interviewed, are those who say that they wd rather have a minimal Christmas this year in order to have much more celebration in years to come. I don’t know what Mr. Fabricant’s faith is, but all the commercial hype is far removed from the real meaning of Christmas. You don’t need Christmas trees, decorations, pubs open etc to hail the fact through wonderful songs and Bible facts that Jesus is the reason for the season and He doesn’t close. Night life – check out the cathedral. Carry on MF – I’m with you.

  11. Thank you MF for your comment.
    When are you going to justify your vote against free school meals? Will you vote against a pay rise for MPs?
    I see you have not denied your retirement at the next election. Good news!

  12. Mr Fabricant birds twitter and as for instagram. Get off the social media, get a tent in the market square and meet your constituents

  13. Interesting to hear that Mr Fabricant is so keen that constituents should follow him on Twitter. Well, if you want to hear all about his time as a student in California “smoking weed and screwing everything in sight” or read his tweets on his intense dislike for anti-fascists, the World Health Organisation, the EU, BLM and all his other pet hates, then do search ‘Michael Fabricant twit’, it really is quite an eye-opener. CC could certainly do with taking a look – not much mention of Jesus or the Bible, that’s for sure! Burning the EU flag, though, and stirring up hate, that’s more his bag. In fact, CC might want to think twice about egging our MP on without having a clue what he actually stands for. Last time I encountered Fabricant in Lichfield Cathedral he stood there on hallowed ground in front of the assembled clergy and several hundred constituents and lied through his teeth to me.

  14. Can we remember this at the next election and finally get this joker out. Whatever party you vote for he is seriously letting the people of Lichfield down. Conservatives I urge you to find a new candidate

  15. C C are you MF in disguise? How can you go on about your Christian faith and then profess support for someone who voted against free school meals in the holidays.

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