Plans have been submitted for listed buildings and land in Lichfield to be converted into a spa hotel with a swimming pool, housing and apartments.

Developers hope to carry out the work based around Grade II listed Westgate House and Westgate Cottage on Beacon Street.

Angel Croft Developments say the new scheme would also create a new cycle and walking route from Beacon Park towards the city and Lichfield Cathedral.

The plans see conversion and new build sections to create 27 apartments, five houses and a 12-bed hotel with swimming pool.

A statement supporting the proposal said the location was ideal for attracting visitors.

“The proposed hotel development incorporates the Grade II listed Westgate Cottage and a bespoke extension.

“Situated immediately opposite Darwin House and the entrance into The Close, the site is unparalleled within the city.

“Guests would arrive alongside, and have views to, the city’s most important heritage assets.

“This fits squarely with the objective of drawing on the district’s key tourist attractions to encourage visitors to the city and to encourage them to stay for longer periods.”

Planning statement

The developers say the new walkway through the site would create an attractive route towards the cathedral and Darwin House.

“The pedestrian route involves the opening up of a small section of existing laurel hedging on the southwest boundary with Beacon Park and the construction of a new footbridge over Leamonsley Brook.

“The pedestrian route rises up through the site revealing the view of Darwin House and the cathedral.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposals are available on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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  1. What a horrendous idea. It is nothing to do with locals and tourists’ needs and everything to do with developers’ excessive profits.

  2. Aren’t house prices high enough in Lichfield already without encouraging such luxury developments that will be out of the reach of most people living here?

  3. I like it. Great connection. Sympathetic design. I guess the detail will need careful work. The block next to the Angel croft could do with some chimneys to match and perhaps a tree on the corner to disguise the change in scale. Good luck.

  4. Our MP has already told Twitter what a fantastic scheme he thinks this is. Perhaps he is eyeing up a nice little retirement pad for him and the Mayor?

    I also see the leader of LDC has expressed support for the scheme on social media too. He helpfully points out he has no say and it is up to the planning committee. But I’m sure its very helpful for members of the committee to know the two most high-profile local Conservatives are both backing the scheme.

  5. I like the idea of the cycle route into town. Wherever possible, we should have these routes from all parts of the town. Lichfield is such a flat, compact place it could very easily become a place that puts pedestrians and cycle users first.

  6. I have long thought that that side of town is long overdue for re-development. Let’s face it some of the buildings have been there since the year 600 ! Only a small proportion of the population think they are now fit for purpose and both the citizens and council have scant regards for any historical value that preservation orders might imply.
    Our council is on a building fest. It is ‘fill your boots’ time for developers. Think the unthinkable! Half a dozen affordable houses amongst the many mansions on the extended site surely has to be the way forward.

  7. Pedestrians yes but only cyclists if they follow the highway code, have bells or audible warnings,lights and pedestrians have right of way

  8. I hope traffic issues are taken into account on this development. Those driving vehicles along that stretch of Beacon Street, in particular car drivers, seem oblivious to the fact that it is a 30mph limit and also quite a narrow road for motorists and pedestrians. The way a lot of car drivers travel along Beacon Street is disgraceful. It is particularly bad during drop off and pick up times at the Cathedral School. I’ve witnessed drivers mounting the pavements in order to save themselves a few precious seconds. Also a lot of parents seem to be using the car park of the old hotel as a pick up/drop off point, so once that is no longer available to them that junction with the Cathedral is just going to get even worse. So highlighting the pedestrian and cycling benefits seem to be a “red herring” when the vast majority of “traffic” will still be car drivers and other road users who often flout the Highway Code as that historic stretch of road cannot cope with the volume as it is.

  9. I note with interest that a partner of this scheme is Friel Homes. I wonder if there is any link with the wonderful actress Anna Friel? As we know she has very strong ties with this part of Staffordshire and on occasion can be spotted around the city and rural parts of the county. If this scheme is linked to Anna Friel then I for one will wholeheartedly support it and hope we get to see more of one of our favourite daughters of Lichfield around the city. A genuinely welcome and fragrant prospect!

  10. It’s about time our councillors, who we pay wages to, give clothes allowances too, plus their spouses expenses, did something for the residents instead of lining their own pockets

  11. Has anyone who’s complaining about this actually seen the proposals and looked at the current state of this site?

    This is currently no more than a muddy car park and the buildings are in a poor state of repair, despite being easily visible from the Cathedral and Darwin House. Surely a developer who’s actually willing to put money into it by breathing new life into the beautiful Georgian buildings should be welcomed, rather than criticised. The existing buildings are not going to be demolished, they will be renovated – what more do people expect?

  12. This area is long overdue for renovation and tidying up. A sympathetic scheme which preserves and enhances the existing buildings, some of which are currently in poor condition should be welcomed.

  13. What’s not to like. This seems to me to be a wonderfully thought out development, the standard of which looks impressive on every level, but more importantly it’s offering to deliver us a beautifully restored and accessable place within our city. The new facilities planned cannot fail to entice new visitors, but will surely also provide the people of Lichfield with yet another area of our city to feel proud of.

  14. Yes, we need more affordable housing, and clearly this is not it. However, it will provide jobs in the hotel, bring money into the city, and will add to the character of the area in a sympathetic way which actually protects and even enhances the character of this area. Surely this is better than yet another square box of a residential elderly home or an eyesore such as the Premier Inn?

  15. It appears I was mistaken about Anna Friel and her link to Friel Homes and this development.

    I was thinking of Helen Baxendale who is our local lovely actress.

    So I’m not that interested in whether this scheme goes ahead. But it does look quite nice.

  16. I am definitely in favour of this mixed used development project however I’d like to say two things as follows
    1) Even without the current (economic) climate myself I don’t think a boutique hotel with a swimming pool would be financially viable for the commercial leg of this project and
    2) Slightly off subject but regarding empty listed buildings in Lichfield also further down Beacon Street there’s a long term empty listed building which appears to have been forgotten about which is the former newsagent and post office along with a flat on the first floor both of which have been standing empty since the post office relocated to Wheel Lane back in June 2013 now 7 1/2 years ago in other words nearly a decade.

  17. Well I feel it looks fantastic development. Enhances the existing street scene, utilising existing historic buildings and brings business to Lichfield.

    Affordable housing should be incorporated, but I’m sure through CIL payments money will go into the local cash pot for other needs.

    Yes the developers make money, but remember these developers have to risk a lot of capital, pay interest on this investment and employ local supply chain sub-contractors that will directly put money in hundreds of family’s hands that subsequently is spent in and around Lichfield.

    Please look at the bigger picture. Change is good in the long term, even if it can be difficult in the short!!

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