A campaign group is urging people to speak out on plans to build apartments on land in Lichfield.

The Curborough Action Group is bidding to prevent Lichfield District Council allowing construction on sites at Netherstowe and Leyfields.

More than 1,000 people signed a petition against the plan for eight one bedroom apartments at Netherstowe.

The land at Netherstowe

But with the deadline on a consultation process approaching, a spokesperson for the group said it was important residents made their voices heard.

“The council have issued a disposal of land consultation, If you want to object you have until midday on 2nd December.

“Netherstowe field is an area for the residents of Curborough and Stowe to enjoy.

“This land should not be used to build housing of any kind on – not to mention the horse chestnut trees, which have a long history with local residents and should be retained.

“There is plenty of land in Lichfield which can be used for developments, this site should not be part of this.”

Curborough Action Group spokesperson

People can find out more about the consultation process and how to raise any objections via Lichfield District Council’s website.


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  1. What about eight one bed flats in the old Davidson House- now that does need tasteful development. Such a lovely building in its day and needs the same treatment as the Quick save building.
    Please Please – do not build on any more green spaces

  2. You will never stop the greed of councils and developers destroying our open spaces. If this crisis has taught us anything it’s that those in charge will do as they please. Such a sorry world we live in now good bye green spaces hello more concrete

  3. This is what they call progress.All i can say is God Help us all we need some green Spaces.We need to see buety not more concrete.We will wake up one morning and no grass no trees and just concrete.Its got to stop we will deserve all we get it just can not go on

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