Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP says he is backing the Government’s new coronavirus measures in a vote today.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said he had made the decision after considering the impact on lives as well as livelihoods.

Michael Fabricant

The new measures will see Lichfield and Burntwood moved into Tier 3 when the national lockdown ends.

He said the current pressure on hospitals meant it would be “highly irresponsible” of him to vote against the new regulations.

“While I understand the concern of some Conservative MPs from other parts of the country who feel their COVID-19 restrictions are too severe, the situation in Staffordshire and Lichfield district is very different.

“The most recent data show that Lichfield’s infection rate per 100,000 is still too high at 169, while the rest of Staffordshire is far higher.

“Because hospitals in the area are nearing capacity on COVID wards and we are surrounded by areas with very high infection rates, it would be highly irresponsible of me not to support these regulations today. 

“The situation may have changed by the time the Government reviews the Tier levels in two weeks’ time.

“In voting today, I will be considering not only the livelihoods of my constituents, but their lives too.”

Michael Fabricant MP

18 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood MP says it would be “highly irresponsible” if he voted against new coronavirus restrictions”

  1. Stop lecturing. stop with pointless point scoring against other parties, start listening to your constituents. The people who live and work in your constituency are fed up with you simply repeating the official party line – especially if it changes so rapidly and your contradictory statements just make you look foolish.

    You rarely engage positively or professionally with anyone who dares express an opposing opinion or raises a valid question. You cry fowl of trolls, but the vast majority are simply exercising their democratic right to ask you questions.

    I am starting to think that it is you who are trolling us Mr Fabricant – you make sweeping statements, happily express opinions and point the finger, but then you disappear when challenged or asked to clarify or worse you simply block those who disagree.

  2. Our homes and vehicles are targetted by criminals from outside of the area. Isnt there something that could be done about that!

  3. Well I do not agree and perhaps he should canvass his constituents before making his decision as well as providing better data backing up his comments

  4. Michael, this is the third or fourth comment of yours I’ve found myself agreeing with in recent weeks….!!

    Seriously, well done.

  5. These restrictions are ridiculous they –
    a) won’t stop spread of the virus anyway,
    b) will annoy people to the point they won’t adhere to them,
    c) this area has falling rates and it all makes a mockery of the tiering system, which was never fit for purpose and seems ‘made up on the hoof’.
    Mr Fabricant – on all political sides and all common sense arguments, this is just plainly stupid.
    Btw – I’ll stay locked down because I believe it to be the right thing to do…so will my elderly relatives ( who won’t vote Tory again). They won’t be seeing their grandkids at ChrisTomas because it’s too risky for them.
    Until your govt shuts schools & uni’s, the virus will spread & the population will be blamed.
    It’s ridiculous now…people will stay isolated if they think it’s right for them…otherwise…let life go on. Let those of us who don’t want to ‘mingle’ stay like that, let others out…politically you can’t disagree? The economy will tank.
    You’ve lost the plot, the govt has lost the plot…start supporting us. People will do the right thing by & large, so stop building your govt’s weak excuse for the inevitable brexit damage on the virus, the people, in fact, everything except the govt.
    But you can’t can you – you must support govt at all costs…pfffft.

  6. Mr Fabricant when are you going to open an office in one of the empty shops so that you can face your constituent’s rather spouting on twitter etc

  7. As ever Michael is looking out for his own self interest, protecting his job and not giving a hoot for the livelihoods or mental wellbeing of his constituents. An expert in towing the line, he’ll follow his incompetent leader whatever. He voted against free meals for poor children – the consequent u-turn would have been humiliating for anyone with some semblance of humility. Michael has no integrity or humility. Along with all the other career politicians he’ll get his wage, expenses and gold plated pension paid by the very people they are incarcerating regardless. Hiding from a virus that over 99% of the infected will survive is insane, allow those who to shield shield and let the others get on with life. Instead of recklessly throwing money away on furlough invest it in the NHS to enable it to cope with any influx that may or may not happen. The massive overreaction has ruined our economy, our society and our children’s future – the Tories will never be forgiven for this carnage.

  8. Lizzie Harvey, you say: “You rarely engage positively or professionally with anyone who dares express an opposing opinion or raises a valid question.”
    Try engaging positively with him and see what happens. We did this week, laying out our concerns about the government’s behaviour and the data we are being presented with and encouraging him to vote against the bill last night. We got a detailed answer within the hour with his responses to the points we made along with the reasons why he felt he had to support the government. We disagree with him but respect that he has come to a different conclusion. No doubt if he had voted the other way he would still have received a load of abuse.
    You then accuse him of making “sweeping statements, happily express opinions and point the finger, but then you disappear when challenged”. Perhaps you should look in the mirror.

  9. When in Gods name are you going to let adults be adults and work out the level of risk we are happy with for ourselves and our families.
    Would I go and sit among 35000 at a sports stadium outside, yes. Would I sit in a packed pub. No. But that’s my choice to make not yours or Boris Johnson’s.
    As for mixing in my own home, to be very blunt. Unless your leader starts paying my mortgage. I’ll decide who and how many I have in my house, people are getting fed up to the back teeth with these restrictions.
    Be very careful come election time, this year will not be forgotten or the cack handed way the government has handled this from day one

  10. Nigel Lord – I am sorry for expressing an opinion based on my own experiences. I am sorry you believe that I have not attempted to engage positively with our MP in the past. I am sorry you believe I am guilty of doing what I accuse our MP of doing. I am sorry you make those claims without any evidence to the contrary. I am sorry he chose to engage with you and yet continues to ignore and block so many other people. I am sorry you believe I have disappeared. I am sorry but I have no intention of going away or giving up my opportunity to express an opinion. Most of all, I am sorry I voted for him previously.

  11. What you say Phil Maddox is all well and good if your adult decisions had consequences only for yourself and your family. The nature of the contagion makes it easy to infect others. The purpose of the restrictions is to limit this. It can easily be seen that people’s irresponsibility and disregard for their fellow citizens is causing the spread. Do you really want your actions to lead to the illness or death of others?

  12. Schools are the super spreader without question ,yet were in tier 3 ,it seems more a “we really are trying “but in essence doing nothing at all .

  13. You will never get my vote again, I hope every pub bans you (out of the few that will survive). You are standing on the grave of Lichfield and I suggest that you speak to you constituents instead of treating us like misbehaving juveniles.

    2% of Covid cases were caught in the hospitality sector nationally and every pub I went in was the safest I have felt.

    You said in the express and star that we risk people from surrounding areas coming to our pubs but you did not look at the simple method of our amazing public and asking for poof of addresses.

    You have not even came forward to encourage creative ideas to help them through.

    You have let us down and no longer will you be able to sit comfortably on this Tory seat.

  14. Cold comfort for the businesses and livelihoods which are being decimated by this arbitrary tier ranking system, that sees a city of 7.5m, where people live shoulder to shoulder, ranked lower than small town.

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