An annual crackdown on drink and drug drivers in Lichfield and Burntwood has begun.

Staffordshire Police say there will be an increased focus on those drinking at home during the current coronavirus restrictions.

Research published by Drinkaware showed that some people have significantly increased their alcohol consumption in the lockdown period.

Police say that while the initial restrictions saw fewer cars on the roads, traffic levels were now returning to normal.

Chief Inspector Mat Derrick, from Staffordshire Roads Policing Unit, said morning checks will be in place to target motorists who may still be over the limit.

“We understand this year has been hard, and many people will want to drink at home in place of enjoying their usual Christmas parties – however, many people don’t realise just how long alcohol stays in your system, making it unsafe to drive the following morning. 

“It’s important to plan ahead this festive season especially if you are visiting another household as part of your Christmas bubble between 23rd and 27th December.

“Have a designated driver, book a taxi or make other arrangements. Don’t be tempted to drink and drive. 

“There will be dedicated patrols 24/7 carrying out random roadside checks of drivers they suspect are under the influence of drinks or drugs.

“They will be pay particular attention to early in the morning, to target those risking driving the morning after drinking the night before.”

Ch Insp Mat Derrick, Staffordshire Police

The campaign is also urging people to report drink and drug drivers by calling 101, or contacting Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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  1. Please patrol Padbury Lane, Burntwood – my husband and I are always collecting empty vodka bottles and beer cans littered all along the lane dumped by drink drivers or people pulling over on side of the lane.

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