Police say the parents of a group of teenagers caught breaching coronavirus rules will be fined.

Officers are called to Streethay over the weekend after reports of a gathering.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said:

“Officers attended and found a group of seven teenagers – five girls and two boys – from different households mixing together.

“This is a clear breach of COVID-19 restrictions and therefore the details of these young adults were taken and their parents will each be receiving a £200 fine.

“It is a reminder to parents to ensure you know where your children are and to encourage them to play their part in helping stop the spread of coronavirus.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson

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  1. Hang out together for five days a week in a cramped school building but whatever you do don’t hang out together outside in the fresh air. Stay in your room and drive yourself mental instead please. The world has gone mad.

  2. Staff Police probably think this sends a strong message, in my view it’s a very poor message.

    People are suffering, teenagers even more so, it doesn’t take much to see the arbitrary nature of the tier system. Jobs are being lost, who knows the personal circumstances of those parents? Yet we’re supposed to dog-whistle a fine system which has been condemned by legal observers as illiberal.

    Tone deaf response from Staffs Pol.

  3. I thought the police were supposed to be giving advisory information and reserving fines for more blatent cases. From the tone of the statement you can see the police have not learned the ‘soft touch’ approach. A moronic response to a minor transgression.

  4. I seem to recall that a certain Dominic Cummings had a day out at Barnard Castle while his family all actually had Covid-19, apparently driving there with impaired vision in clear breach not only of lockdown rules, but also rules regarding having good enough vision to drive, and yet he wasn’t fined. No wonder the police have a difficult job to do dealing with Covid breaches now; the way Cummings was let off the hook makes fining ordinary people for less serious breaches invariably look heavy-handed. And at the other end of the scale, those parents who decline to send their children to school as they feel it is unsafe can expect a fine too. Presumably unless they are Dominic Cummings …

  5. Will the people attending the Christmas fair mentioned in another article on here, other children mixing while walking to and from school or at lunchtime or those parents that chat around the school gates also be fined?
    Ridiculous, perhaps they should be concerned more with the regular vehicle thefts which keep appearing on this site.

  6. It’s not surprising given previous messaging from the triumvirate of our local MP, Leader Of Staffs CC and Chief Constable who just seem to issue threats and warnings. Staffs Police have been overzealous stopping one local vicar and demanding where they were going. They seem to have forgotten about community policing by consent and turning into the Stasi.

  7. It doesn’t say anywhere in the report that these teenagers were over 16. We don’t know all the circumstances of this. I do think however that it is time some parents took more responsibility for their offspring.

  8. I am excited, for the next news update, from Staffordshire Police.

    Man arrested, for not fully cleaning out yoghurt pot and placing in blue bin.

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