A Lichfield toy store is introducing quiet hours in the run up to Christmas.

The Entertainer confirmed the initiative would be returning after it reopened following the national lockdown.

The scheme aims to help those with autism or who may find the experience of sounds and lights uncomfortable.

The Entertainer said it would be turning off its Christmas songs and dimming the lights for the first hour of trading each day. 

Gary Grant, executive chairman, said:

“Shopping during the festive season can be challenging for those who find the hustle and bustle and additional lights and noise uncomfortable.

“So, in our ongoing commitment to making our stores more accessible to all, our Christmas quiet hour is returning throughout December.

“For the first hour of opening each day we will switch off the music, dim the lights wherever possible and aim to make our stores feel calmer. 

“This is to show our continued support for our autistic customers and their families and for those who find shopping during the festive season more challenging, particularly in a year of so much change.

“We hope that it helps to make Christmas shopping with us enjoyable for everyone.”

Gary Grant, The Entertainer

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  1. Well done to the staff of the entertainer toy shop for supporting this very good intuitive…let’s hope where you lead others will follow@!!

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