Police have released an image of a knife seized from a 13-year-old in Lichfield as part of a new campaign.

The blade was found during a stop and search in the city.

It comes as the #DitchTheBlade campaign comes to an end after a week of activity.

The crackdown has seen a dozen parcels containing blades and knives being intercepted, while 150 items were left in amnesty bins across Staffordshire.

Mark Hardern, youth violence coordinator for Staffordshire Police, said:

“A number of individuals were visited and where evidence allowed, people were stop and searched in hot spot locations.

“We targeted specific hotspot locations along with educational leaders and partner agencies in a bid to continue to keep the reducing the use of the knife across the force area which requires the multi-agency response.”

Mark Hardern, Staffordshire Police

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  1. John it just shows the level of education and parents control these days. All kids do is play violent games on electronic gadgets rather than go out fishing or other outdoor creative hobbies. You only have to look at the government downgrading GCSE and A levels because the poor things can’t study on their own

  2. Deluding myself am I? Ive played video games of allsorts growing uo but my favourite was Call Of Duty an Left For Dead. Yet, ive not gone outside as youngster with blades an Acid.
    It isnt modern day that has twisted these idiots minds who dedide to arm themseves. Its the parents responsiblity to raise their children with commonsense an respect. Dont ever judge the many for one.

  3. I wonder what video games inspired the Scuttlers of Manchester and the Peaky Blinders of Birmingham to fight with knives in Victorian times. Or the South London Hooligans from the turn of the 20th Century. In the 1950s the Teddy Boys carried knives in mobs hundreds strong taking part in racial attacks, again I’m not sure which video games were popular back then.

  4. I lived in the 60s and married a Teddy boy who never carried a knife or got into any trouble. I was wondering which newspaper reported Teddy boys ‘hundreds ‘ strong fighting in which attacks against which particular immigrants?

  5. Ah well Brenda, if the one Teddy Boy you knew in the 60s didn’t cause any trouble than that clearly means there weren’t large scale problems in the previous decade.

  6. When I was a Boy Scout in the 1950s I had a sheath knife as did most of my patrol. We wore them on our belts. NO one suffered as much as a scratch. Nore was any threats ever made. The problem lies not in the knives but in the attitude to society which, for many reasons, has deteriorated markedly in recent decades. It is extreemly difficult to see how this can be reversed.

  7. This old chestnut again…
    Sitting indoors all day and absentee parents probably are factors, but violent video games (and films) do not cause violence. The studies have been done countless times and the link just isn’t there. If anything, gamers are on average less violent than non-gamers. But it’s easier for the reactionary forces of Torydom to demonise things they don’t understand (and dismiss anyone who doesn’t share their limited outlook as “deluding themselves”) than to address the actual scientifically proven and well-understood causes of knife crime: social exclusion, poverty, lack of education, defunding of public services, etc.

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