People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to keep Christmas gatherings as small as possible after the coronavirus restrictions were changed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said up to three families could now only meet on Christmas Day, rather than a period of five days as originally planned.

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for health, care and wellbeing, said extra vigilance was now needed in the fight against COVID-19.

“While the Prime Minister’s announcement is undoubtedly hugely disappointing to families who had hoped to see loved ones over a few days this Christmas, the scientific evidence and emergence of a new strain of virus mean we must all be extra vigilant.

“Staffordshire remains in a very high alert area and our hospitals will be under immense pressure over the next few months.

“We are urging people to have a smaller Christmas this year and restrict contact with their extended families as much as possible.

“This isn’t the news we wanted, but we must persevere and with the vaccine roll-out there is now light at the end of the tunnel.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council


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  1. 17/12/2020: “I want to say to my Prime Minister it would not be helpful if some smarmy lawyer or somebody now at this late stage were to argue for a change in the laws. So can I ask [Mr Johnson] here and now – who is neither smarmy nor a lawyer – is he now…going to change the rules?” – Michael Fabricant (MP & sycophant)


  2. Guess who looks smarmy now Michael..yes you.
    Keir Starmer was director of public prosecutions and a leading human rights lawyer..
    You in comparison are a mealy mouthed backbench MP who continually sucks up to this grossly incompetent PM.

  3. Yeah!
    This is all a foreseen tragedy.
    Apart from the loony ‘keep Britain Free’ brigade, who think it’s a flu only, we’ve all seen it coming.
    We’ll be in tier 4 soon because of govt ineptitude.
    Don’t blame the thousands leaving London last night, though they’re stupid on the face of it…
    A lot had been isolating so they could go home to parents/ grandparents, over the ‘5 days of Christmas’. Govt should have banned further ticket sales immediately & train & coach companies should’ve honoured social distancing rules already in place.
    Profits gotta profit.
    It was a recipe for disaster anyway, we’re all doomed to tier 4 in the New Year now…

  4. We seem to have the perfect storm: a government who don’t seem to know what they’re doing from one minute to the next and dither around with ineffective measures, and large parts of the population who stick two fingers up to whatever measures are brought in. No doubt the conspiracy theorists will have a field day in all of this: the only ‘conspiracy’ is a joint determination not to do what is needed to get on top of the virus. If people are going to ignore restrictions, then the only viable option is to do what should have been done in March and bring the army in to enforce things, otherwise this farce is going to go on forever, and lots more people will be made ill or die.

  5. The spectacle of Londoners fleeing the capital before tier 4, people crowding together in anti lockdown protests, police having to be deployed to crack down on illegal raves, queues bunched together outside stores, and all the other nonsense going on at the moment, all confirms to me something. You can criticise the government for their inept handling of the pandemic, but at the end of the day it’s people who spread the virus. If everyone had behaved sensibly we probably wouldn’t be in the position we are, with no end in sight to restrictions, and a worsening economy. Too many people in this country are simply not taking the pandemic seriously, or value their freedom more than other people’s lives, or concoct wild conspiracies to justify their selfishness. Their actions are an affront to the majority of people trying to do the right thing, and an insult to all of the people made ill by the virus, or dying.

  6. @John Allen 100% absolutely hit the nail on the head.
    China have all-but eradicated the pandemic from their populace, while here in Britain we seem to be a nation of creative rule bending/breaking. The main message is simple: stay at home & wash your damn hands.
    We seem so obsessed with ‘freedom’ that we’re putting the health of others at risk.

  7. I do agree with John Allen and Nodge – if you’re put in tier 4 then stay there, all I’d say against that, is, there’s emotional and mental health issues at stake.
    Many parents & family outside London accepted these people coming home…should’ve said no? It’s emotional…many working-Londoners were already isolating to come home about now…(I know this from wider family experience).
    Here in uk, if govt makes a rule, until that rule becomes law, you can do what you want, and that’s what happened this weekend. I believe the govt should’ve stopped train/ coach companies from selling more tickets…if it’s against the law fair enough, Brits tend to accept the law, we’re not a nation of law breakers.
    I don’t feel inclined to blame individuals who acted within the law, I believe it’s up to govt to make certain its rules are legally enforced & can’t easily be broken…again, they’ve failed.
    We will all be in tier 4 soon & I really think acceptance of that helps…We’d have been put in tier 4 regardless of about 100000 people exiting London on Saturday…
    I do think broadly, we all agree on most things…not trying to be difficult.
    If we all stop mixing indoors and minimise human interactions, we will be better off.

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