Chasetown FC says it has decided not to play any home games while Staffordshire remains in Tier 3.

Action from Chasetown’s game against Frickley Athletic

There had been hope that some supporters could return to games, but guidance from Staffordshire County Council and Staffordshire Police means that fans will not be allowed back for the time being.

As a result, The Scholars said they had taken the decision not to play while coronavirus restrictions remain.

“The supporters at Chasetown FC are the lifeblood of what makes our club and non-league football so unique and special.

“Given that we are not permitted supporters at this time, we have made the decision that while we are in Tier 3 we will not play home games if our supporters cannot be there.

“As a result, our game with Sutton Coldfield Town on Saturday 26th December will not take place.

“We will update supporters regarding our forthcoming fixtures accordingly.”

Chasetown FC spokesperson

A statement sent to the club by Staffordshire County Council and Staffordshire Police said the current situation with supporters was “ambiguous”.

“At present we are of the collective opinion that spectators at a sportsground are not permitted in Tier 3.

“We are aware from the FA guidance in circulation that suggestion has been made that approval has been given by the Department of Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) to the FA to permit spectators at grassroots level – however nothing has been forthcoming from this government department to confirm this agreement.

“The grass roots guidance produced is ambiguous and taken in its context as a whole it appears the intention is to cover youth football etc where parents might attend as spectators but its ambiguity may allow for an interpretation that fans can generally attend non-league games.

“Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire have high COVID case and hospital admission rates at this time for coronavirus, so the attendance of large groups of fans to football matches is considered to be high risk and not recommended.”

Statement from Staffordshire County Council and Staffordshire Police

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