Volunteers in Lichfield have collected more than 2,100 bags of rubbish from across the city in the past year.

Lichfield Litter Legends in action

The figures were revealed by the Lichfield Litter Legends group.

The group have become a familiar sight across the city this year, helping to clean up regular hotspots as well as helping to tidy up woodland after an illegal rave during lockdown.

A spokesperson said:

“Over the past year we have been keeping a record of how many bags of rubbish volunteers have collected here in Lichfield – the amount is shocking.

“The last four weeks has seen collections increase dramatically because of the many new volunteers joining us.

“But the total of 2,178 bags does not include all the much larger items Lichfield Litter Legends have collected on group picks.”

Lichfield Litter Legends spokesperson

People can find out more about joining the group via their Twitter account or Facebook page.


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  1. I would echo that, well done to all the litter pickers helping to make the city cleaner and showing they care. It’s a shame the lazy people who drop the litter don’t feel the same way.

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