People should not be surprised if coronavirus restrictions change frequently, the MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has said.

Michael Fabricant made his comments in a Christmas message to local residents.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

The Conservative MP said that while a vaccine had given hope for a better 2021, it was important people remained aware of the restrictions – and any changes to them that may happen in the coming days and weeks.

“What a year 2020 has been. None of us have lived through anything like it – nor do we ever want to again.

“And it will spill over into 2021 until the vaccine enables us to return to a relatively normal life in the spring.

“As in America and countries in Europe, we were all taken by surprise by COVID in the early days and – as in Europe and America too – we initially suffered a shortage of PPE and ventilators.

“But unlike abroad, our hospitals were not overwhelmed. And the UK has now acquired more doses of vaccine than the United States and more than all the countries of the European Union combined.

“But, until the vaccine has been rolled out, and the roll-out will speed up in January, it’s important we all play our part by sticking to the rules to minimise infection.

“Don’t be surprised if the rules frequently change. That is inevitable as the pandemic ebbs and flows and the Government reacts swiftly to changing circumstances.

“I have been at home in Lichfield for most of this period working remotely through emails, Zoom, and Teams. New technology will transform this country – in years to come, people will ask ‘did people really commute every day to the office when they could have done it all from home?’.” 

“Shopping habits have changed too.  More and more of us are shopping online and this will change the landscape of our high streets.

“But human nature will never change – the good and the bad.  Christmas can be very lonely for many people and it will be particularly so this year.  So let’s all make a special effort to be good and help our neighbours while keeping our social distance.

“As the nights now grow shorter and the days longer, the end of this nightmare is in sight.

“So keep safe over the next few days and months and here’s my toast – to a brighter and safer 2021.”

Michael Fabricant MP’s Christmas message

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  1. I can only say, examine what Fabbo has been doing in the last few weeks, log on to sites like ‘They Work For You’ or Hansard. Then form your own opinion.
    As for the “rules changing”, that is a direct consequence of incompetent and corrupt government, the same government slavishly and fruitlessly courted by this excuse of an MP

  2. Happy retirement Mr Fabricant, you may as well be considering you have done Zero for Lichfield.
    Why not get yourself down the food Bank and help out.?
    Sure their customers would love to talk about your lack of support.

  3. “the Government reacts swiftly to changing circumstances.” That really is a sick joke, they have been late to everything, tens of thousands have died because the government dithered and delayed and failed to act quickly enough time and time again. Still, at least their family, friends, and sponsors got richer. Good to see a man who said coronovirus wasn’t going to kill you get a peerage today on the back of the money he has given to the Prime Minister.

  4. This govt is a National Disgrace.
    The backlash will definite come…will Lichfield still support the frankly, useless, imbeciles in govt when it does?

    Merry Christmas to all and your families, may next year be a happier one filled with lots of hope.

  5. Gross stupidity on the back benches always, lead to chaos in the whole country.
    FGS, anyone, get these oafs out asap …stop supporting them notionally and come up with your own plans…they need to go, please oppose them not appease them.

  6. This Govt from start to finish,in the words of the late Terry Thomas are “an absolute shower”.Couldn’t organise “the proverbial in a Brewery”.”Cannot tell their .. from their elbow”.”Stable door and horse bolted” .Millions wasted on PPE “deal fixers” and supplies of PPE not fit for purpose and offers from British Companies to make and supply PPE ignored.”Jobs and contracts for the boys”………………Ad Infinitum.Hopefully a settlement on Brexit announced today ,but” I’m not holding my breath on that”!!

  7. At least staying in Lichfield has ensured he’s noticed all the empty shops in the dying city centre.
    Get us a representative that cares about the area rather than the party.

  8. The man is prat if he thinks people believe what he and the useless government say. They have been on the back foot from the start as well as spouting untruths.
    The man should take his wig and leave

  9. This man is a waste of time, I emailed him asking why he felt “people from sutton coming to use our nightlife” was a justified reason for staying in tier 3 and why he and he councillors have not been creative in keeping the business’s alive” I got a copy and paste reply. He is sitting back watching the house burn down and doing nothing.

    To say “we should expect sudden changes” Great! Businesses can’t plan and that comes across as patronising.

  10. It’s unfortunate that, in an effort to spread Christmas cheer, Fabricant has taken the opportunity for some historic revision.

    The Johnson government has been consistently behind the curve in tackling the virus, it takes minutes to surface a timeline of events and the government’s action, or lack of it, so why write what he writes?

    Because people who like him, who like the Tories, who think he is a good MP and good for Lichfield will read what he has written and accept it on face value.

    It is a sign of the times, where what the Conservatives say up front tends to be half-truths or worse total fabrication, spun to make them sound like a government for all people.

    For example, would Fabricant return to the pages of Lichfield Live and explain the £22 BILLION spent on companies owned or operated by wives, partners and friends of Tory ministers or their cronies, with little or no experience of providing equipment for medical/testing purposes and oftentimes, producing nothing?

    Will he call for a public enquiry into the Corona Virus pandemic and the government’s response?

    Probably not.

  11. I agree completely with the above comments, but we won’t be able to get rid of Micky Fab and his ilk for some time. Sadly, Lichfield voters seem determined to vote for anyone who is a Tory and not a real local. Surely the “city of philosophers” can do better than an ex-disc jockey?

  12. Some good points there Darryl. It looked like a resurgence of British manufacturing when several companies stepped up and turned to designing or making equipment to help with the pandemic, but were then ignored. James Dyson got his team to design a respirator, after encouragement from the government, and was then told it wasn’t needed, at a time when there was a national shortage. Instead, we continue to import from China, which is ironic to say the least. As for homegrown ‘entrepreneurs’, it has been proof of the old maxim that it’s not what you know but who you know.

  13. I distrust someone who is loath to criticise his own party about their obvious shortcomings in dealing with the corona virus. Also I fail to understand how many local voters who voted Conservative are afraid to say boo to our MP

  14. Just seen fabo abeying tier 4 rules walking in town two feet from the fellow he was walking with and talking to. No hope is there

  15. I refer to Mr Fabricant’s article on 9th December which I cannot now comment upon. However as this article is related to the Coronavirus I guess I can comment here as it is something that I feel passionately about, mental health. I cannot believe that an MP who is supposedly in his post as a member for all of his constituents could put forward the point of view that he did about small business owners feeling suicidal. With the oncome of the virus and all it entails I can well understand how some may have felt suicidal. I apologise for returning to this 9th December article but I have only just come upon it. What an uncaring anti empathetic attitude for someone who in such a position of power should at least understand the problems that some are encountering with this pandemic. Really? Well it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence. Quite honestly I find Mr Fabricant’attitude and point of view disgusting. How on earth did he get to be in such a powerful position to represent this constituency? I ask you! The mind boggles again. Anyone who has suffered with mental health difficulties knows how cruel Mr. Fabricant’s attitude is. Change is very difficult whatever the circumstances and can turn a person’s life upside down. Affecting not only themselves but their children, their families, their communities and not to forget the National Health Services already under unrelenting pressure. Fraught with anxiety, worry and stress on how to survive in a changing world it can lead someone to become homeless, to the break up of their family, to crime even to suicide. Anyone who is “balanced” and has a caring and compassionate attitude would understand this. And provide support for those who need it. Of course those who have “money and other such resources” behind them have no such worries. However I would advise them to be very very careful. Not to be too complacent. One never knows when such change will happen to you.

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