The cabinet at Lichfield District Council is set to confirm plans to bring in a commercial property advisor to help deliver the new city centre masterplan.

An artist’s impression of the city centre masterplan

The local authority’s Conservative leadership group will meet next week to discuss which of three unnamed bids will be accepted.

The successful company will advise on aspects of the project such as market potential, market testing, valuations and deal structures.

The council has set aside a £130,000 budget for the contract, but exact details of the bids have not been publicly released.

However a report has revealed that the decision was based on the “price and quality of bid together”.

The report, by Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member for major projects and economic development, said:

“As part of the work that will be undertaken to implement the masterplan, the council will need robust, independent and expert advice on commercial property matters across the development sites identified, combined with other commercial property advice as necessary.

“This will be a two year appointment initially, with the option to extend the contract for up to a further two years subject to this being within the approved budget.

“The nature and scope of the advice and input required will vary considerably across the different development sites.

“The scope of work is anticipated to include, but not be limited to, all aspects of advice required to assess options to achieve the council’s aims and ambitions and bring forward sites for redevelopment.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

The cabinet will make a final decision at the meeting on 12th January.

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  1. So this is an example of the new transparency our new leader promised ? There is no contractual confidentiality when you are spending tax payers money (presumably? on their behalf). You state what you are buying, what this entails and what it costs.
    Sounds more like a plan to bury bad news while the virus is taking priority to me!

  2. Sounds more like a plan to justify more housing . Always refer to the [paid by LDC] property advisor is the get out of jail passport. The bottom line is LDC is no longer fit for purpose on development of in most cases far too long empty sites. They have no clue or idea[s] what to do with large corner site opposite City station, have ignored serious well thought out comments from public, done nothing for community use there etc. Frankly “disappointing” is a mild comment

  3. Heaven help is if the bison of Lichfield is left to our out of touch elected members, they had a chance to put Lichfield on the map again and create a retro cinema (former Quiksave) but now an architectural disaster with modern retirement Apts

  4. Instead of squandering the money on Lichfield City centre it would be better for it to be used to repair our roads that are full of pot holes which are doing a lot of damage to cars.

  5. This looks a mess frankly. Little regard has been paid to the beautiful historic buildings within the redevelopment’s vicinity. Shame there wasn’t more public consultation on the use of this site.

  6. Time was when such decisions about what a town/city needs was carried out by competent in-house planners and developers instead of being tendered out to companies/consultants that probably had no idea where Lichfield was until they submitted their tender. As for consultation with residents, well, it’s lip service isn’t it really. It’s obvious that whatever ‘we’ say or ask for or suggest is totally ignored. The article states this will be a ‘two-year appointment’. So nothing happening with the debacle of Birmingham Road for at least that period……… whilst they consult.

  7. Plan ?…what plan ? The two massive new housing developments on the southern edge of the City will be finished and occupied way before any meaningful regeneration of the City Centre and what will the new residents be able to buy when they visit ?….a greeting card, some charity shop clothing and a sausage roll. Nothing against charity shops by the way…at least their doing their best to serve the community in a thoughtful and responsible way.

  8. What is it with LDC?
    They seem hell bent on wasting public money.
    Put that money into our community LDC. Things are desperate for many Lichfieldians.

  9. We need a shopping centre like Burton on Trent is all under cover Lichfield his sopposed to be a city to bring people into it to attractLichfield is getting left behind .and l was born in Lichfield

  10. The council will do what they want to do. This is where we miss the Lichfield Mercury. What’s the plan for the old Kennings site. Are they still going to build homes on the car park at the back of Iceland. Like a lot of people i talk to, i have no faith in this council

  11. Ray, Lichfield Live did more to highlight (amongst other things) the farce that was Friarsgate than the local paper ever did. I’d suggest looking back through the archive of stories on the subject of Friarsgate on here before masking such comments.

    The Mercury faded away years ago and was just a pale imitation of what it should have been for years ever since the last owners took it on and ran it into the ground along with many other local newspapers it opted to produce with a handful of journalists based miles away from their patches.

    Bit of a cheek coming on here, commenting on a Lichfield Live story, to say how much better a paper that gave up when we needed them most is. Don’t forget which news source kept us informed when the Mercury owners decided there wasn’t enough cash left to make it worth their while printing and who had shut down their website and the archive of stories on there long before the paper died.

  12. Paperboy – well said. The Mercury tried but failed to play catch up with Lichfield Live on Friarsgate for so long.

    If it wasn’t for the exemplary journalism displayed by Lichfield Live the extent of the shameful farce that Friarsgate was allowed to become would not have reached a wider audience.

    Lichfield Live has been your own truly local news provider for several years now.

  13. So let me get this right LDC are wasting MORE money on MORE stupid schemes like a City masterplan and why are they using out of town companies as consultants WHEN theres experts WITHIN the City that could assist and KNWO the City BETTER than most, rushing in new ‘improved policies’ to suit themselves and making themselves money that shouldn’t actually be theirs, bereating people/online newspapers that question their actions, put walls and bureaucracy up that doesn’t need to be there for local businesses to contribute to peoples well being (Sssssssh don’t mention tape gate again cause they’ll say it was a H&S risk or ws it the wrong sort of tape!).

    It was always gossiped about in the corridors of LDC when I worked therehow much they lost to Winter Wonderland in Beacon Park cause they powers that be forgot to get a contract signed but now they’re rushing around trying to get contracts sorted elsewhere (I dare say if anyone out thereasked me I’d be obliged to reveal how much they lost and reveal the stars £**,***!)

    When does someone go into LDC with a broom and sweep the old rot out and bring in the new, all of the councillors needs removing. Replace the committee chairs, all of them should go and do it gracefully and quickly as they are a useful as a chocolate fireguard and a toilet paper teapot….All bar 2 – hold onto JG she’s a good egg and keep the head of the council DP but as for the rest! Get rid, bin, dispose of, put out to pasture, retire, DEL!

  14. Why not approach Lichfield Civic Society and give them the contract? Local experts with the City in their hearts.

    The High Street has had its day, more shops are not the answer. We should see the dither and delay that stopped Friarsgste as a success of local politics. But please NO MORE ELDERLY RESIDENTIAL complexes without the medical infrastructure to support them.

    Here’s an idea, build us a new GP practice, we could do with that, and a swimming pool, the backlash against closing Friary Grange showed public support for that. But whatever you do the road infrastructure needs some attention and with the Lichfield Bridge next to the station proving to be a problem this needs some serious diversionary planning – not something LDC has proved to be any good at.

  15. Another advisor, how much is this all costing, surly if a council can’t make a decision based on local opinion there’s something very wrong with that council.

  16. I am completely underwhelmed by the performance of LDC. The farce that has been Friarsgate, which is still going on, and on which more money is to be wasted, this time on consultants because the council lack any expertise. When many other councils increased provision for cyclists and walkers, what has been done in this area- nothing. The discriminatory removal of disabled parking in the city centre, twice, which I am still waiting for a response from Doug Pullen about. The planning decisions made that will deprive us of green spaces, amongst other things. I could go on.

  17. Blimey. I think I’m in the wrong business. Anyway, In my opinion whatever happens to the city centre it definitely needs clear thought to the future to attract shoppers back when it becomes safer. It needs to be a progressive city, attractive, a destination. The last thing it needs is more housing for the elderly, for example. I think we know what’s actually going to happen though and it will be the nail in the coffin.

  18. Probably the biggest issue that completely crosses voter party lines (although the usefulness of Fabbo isn’t far behind). I had hoped with Pullen as leader and competents like Cllr Ball etc available we would at least have a bunch of grown-ups in the room. Silly me.

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