There is a clear end in sight to the misery of coronavirus despite the national lockdown, Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has said.

The Prime Minister announced the new restrictions last night (4th January) in a bid to prevent rising numbers of COVID-19 cases across England.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said that while the pain of another lockdown would be felt hard in the short term, the vaccination programme meant there was now a clear path out of the pandemic.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

“It’s desperate that we have had to enter a third lockdown, but this seems to be the nature of COVID-19 – the moment you think it’s under control, up pops a mutation which makes Tier 4 unworkable. 

“But with the expectation that the first four groups of the population most vulnerable to COVID will be vaccinated by mid to the end of February, there is now a clear end to all this misery.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant said GPs across Lichfield and Burntwood would be contact residents about receiving jabs in the coming weeks.

“I currently expect mass vaccinations to start in our area from central locations sometime next week using the Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccine. 

“These will be GP-led. It is important that you do not contact your GP for the vaccine – they will contact you.”

Michael Fabricant MP

“Essential that we all stick to the rules”

The new restrictions place limits on people leaving their homes and will see schools closed to most pupils.

“With the high rate of contagion of this new COVID-19 strain, it is essential that we all stick to the rules. 

“If we go out for a walk with a friend – no more than two are allowed to exercise together – don’t invite them in for a warming coffee. The virus thrives in confined places. And it’s against the law.

“Remember that COVID-19, unlike flu and colds, infects up to one in three people with no symptoms. Yet it is as contagious as if you did have symptoms.

“It is young people, among others, feeling perfectly well who are unwittingly spreading the disease.

“We will see an end to this. But in the meantime, we must all demonstrate the sense of community and spirit that our region is so well known for.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. This rejected Thunderbird puppet has returned with a message of “hope,” sadly it’s lost in the disbelief that Gove appeared on TV this morning and said “there would be no change till March.”
    Couple that with Johnson’s “if” strewn blathering last night, does anyone truly believe this papier-mâché kakistocracys’ words amount to anything?

  2. Could we not save ourselves £82k + expenses and just get the press briefings/ Conservative HQ announcements, direct, with the {insert your area here}.

    It seems pointless having Fab add the area and then sending it out.

    It would save time and money.

  3. “It is young people, among others, feeling perfectly well who are unwittingly spreading the disease” says the MP.
    So why did the govt wait until yesterday afternoon to close the schools? Why send children into school the week before Christmas so they could watch Elf?
    Fred Karno’s Circus is running the show isn’t it – hopeless.
    I really hope the vaccine roll-out is done well, could you, as MP, lobby for vets, army, other useful people, to help with it. Because at this rate we’ll be locked down until Summer.

  4. I really feel like sending this idiot onto the wards that people like my daughter are currently staffing, people who were good enough for a token clap but no more money, supported by people (like cleaners) many on minimum wages while the private companies donated the franchises by the Tories (and by Blair/Brown as well) pocket vast profits and pay out massive dividends – all tainted by the blood of those who died unnecessarily.
    Knows nothing, does nothing, draws piles of cash for being a minor clown with no moral compass in a party of clowns headed by the most dangerous, malign, buffoon of them all (bar Trump).

  5. MF: “It is young people, among others, feeling perfectly well who are unwittingly spreading the disease.”

    Would that be the same young people who are at the back of the queue for receiving the vaccine? The pupils who, up until Christmas, were obliged to attend school or see their parents receive a fine? The students who are now missing out on school again in order to help keep older people safe? Would that be the same young people who have had exams cancelled, impacting their futures? The university students living in virtual solitary confinement in halls of residence while paying through the nose for both their education and their accommodation? Would that be the same young people working on the front line of the NHS and in Health Care? The young people in our armed forces? Would that be the same young people who have just been stripped of their EU freedom of movement because Brexit supporters like our MP resent them having the opportunity to go abroad? Would that be the same young people who will pay the price for the damage to the environment caused by previous generations?

    And this from an MP who admits to having spent his own youth “smoking weed and screwing everything in sight”!


  6. Clare Sholl – MF cares not one fig about the young, they do not vote for him anyway. Contact the local Conservative Assoc and ask for a human candidate next time rather than this out of date cartoon caricature.

  7. Living on the main road in Lichfield. My question would be, What Lockdown? It’s as busy as ever around Lichfield. Where people are going is anybodys guess.

  8. I have emailed fabricants office multiple times over the last 3 months to discuss serious problems in the community I am still yet to get any kind of response.

  9. So pleased MF can ‘see the end in sight’. He’ll be thinking he’s a muse. Tut! He does doesn’t he. Silly me!
    I have to agree with Roy. I too live on a main road and haven’t yet noticed a considerable decrease in cars passing by.

  10. Clare Sholl,

    It is also the same young people who will pay for this for the rest of their lives via their taxes once they have finished their poor educations in decrepit run down schools only to leave with meaningless qualifications for dead end jobs on poor wages while trying to deal with the ridiculous cost of half decent housing.

    I don’t say this lightly but I’ve actually started to hate our MP. I never have liked him but I accepted the fact he would get elected as that is the down side of living in a democracy. He’s done nothing at all that is meaningful for our community for years. If ever at all. Every comment I see on him is either negative or laughing at him. He’s so out of touch. The sooner he goes the better. We are better than this.

  11. The man’s a party line imbasile, we didn’t choose him, his party did and people still think we live in a democracy.

  12. @Clare Sholl you have put it much better than I could, thank you. Mr Fabricant doesn’t care about anything except protecting his own voter base and continuing with his idiotic self-promotion. As soon as the retirement-age population has been vaccinated, you can bet that our MP will start parroting whatever rubbish the govt then peddles about how everyone else needs to return to their offices, go shopping, ‘eat out to help out’, go on holiday and whatever else will make their donors a few quid.

    At 44 years of age and with no health problems whatsoever, I found Covid-19 to be a debilitating and threatening illness, and I am hoping that it hasn’t left me with any long-term damage, it’s too early to tell. The government has failed to protect the public, and keeps on failing. So guess what, MF? Whatever ‘hope’, soap or old rope you are selling, I ain’t buying.

  13. @Lichvegas I really hope you make a full recovery. All the focus is on death rates, but I know a few who are suffering with the long term effects, Long Covid really is very, very scary. It is one reason why those who believe they should just let the young and the healthy contract the disease and get on with things because they are unlikely to die are so, so dangerous.

  14. @Lichvegas: Exactly what I am concerned about. I have a 20 year old nephew who is still experiencing the effects of having had the virus months ago. I suspect younger people will indeed be expected to just live with the risk as the Tories will think they have satisfied their voter base once the over 70’s have all had the vaccine.

  15. With MPs yesterday discussing “acceptable levels of deaths” in the parliamentary debate it really does make you wonder how this shower of sh1te really got into power.
    MF plays the Trump game, dress like a clown, distract from your lack of intelligence, slogans for things you think people care about (Brexit and HS2) and jobs a good one. It’s worked for him for the last 20 years, so who is the fool here ?

  16. CDC – I’m no fan of the current government, but actually “acceptable levels of deaths” really is a very important debate. It’s simply not realistic to expect to eliminate Covid-19 entirely, certainly not in the near future. The current restrictions are here to protect the health and care sector from being overwhelmed. But there will come a point when enough vulnerable people have had the vaccinations, that the risk of overwhelming the NHS is reduced enough that the restrictions in force can start to be relaxed. The rate at which the restrictions can be reduced will absolutely have to be informed by decisions on what are “acceptable” level of hospitalisations and deaths. It’s a horrible thing, and decisions will be difficult, but unless we are prepared to stay in lockdown indefinitely, it’s a discussion that needs to happen.

  17. Whittington barracks would be ideal place for vaccine jabs. Aren’t they supposed to have medics there. Easy to get to from lichfield.

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