Two thousand new jobs are being created in Lichfield by a fashion retailer.

ASOS has confirmed it will invest £90million in a new fulfilment centre at Fradley.

The company said the 437,000 sq ft warehouse would create 2,000 jobs over the next three years.

Nick Beighton, chief executive of ASOS, said:

“We’re thrilled to be laying down the foundations for our future growth in Lichfield.

“This significant investment in infrastructure and large-scale job creation is a reflection of the confidence ASOS has in its future and the quality of the skills and talent available in this well-placed location.

“When fully up and running in 2023, the site will support our ever-increasing customer demand and enable us to develop our offerings and delivery capabilities even further.”

Nick Beighton, ASOS

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said the news was a boost for the region in the wake of the current challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis.

“ASOS is one of the world’s leading online fashion retailers, so this is wonderful news – particularly at a time when we are all suffering under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It’s a reflection of the work ethic and positive business environment we enjoy in the Lichfield area. 

“I hope that most of these 2,000 new jobs will be fulfilled by people who live in Lichfield district, and I welcome ASOS to our part of the world.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The company hopes the site will be operation within 12 months with a gradual ramping up of the facility ready for full capacity in 2023.

Alok Sharma, the Secretary of State for Business, said:

“ASOS is a great British success story at the heart of our vibrant fashion industry and I welcome their clear vote of confidence in our skilled workforce. 

“This job-creating investment in Lichfield is exactly the type of long-term commitment we need from businesses as we build back better from the pandemic.”

Alok Sharma MP

2 replies on “Fashion retailer to create 2,000 jobs at new warehouse site in Lichfield”

  1. Between the ever expanding Fradley Industrial Park & the proposed new inland container ‘port’ at Gailey on the A5 we’ll be drowned in emmissions from all the HGV’s trundleling between the two. Lichfield will pay a heavy price for being at the heart of these growing distribution hubs with; pollution, loss of habitat for our ‘at risk’ flora & fauna and low paid short term work. Its not a future I want for our children.

  2. @Alastair Boyle…. Your points are good and valid. They are also a waste of breath (sic).
    I have posted on many, many occasions about the disregard for public health, especially on micro particulates. They have won! They lack any empathy and wash their hands of all responsibility.
    Lichfield exists in a geographical basin. The consequences of this is obvious.
    Jobs are important, but so is the long term harm badly thought out infrastructure can cause. Of course, the governments initiatives on fossil fuel use will eventually have positive effects, but that is ‘jam tomorrow’. Much damage will happen to this and other generations before that happens. Meanwhile 40,000 people will die this year and every year in this country as a result. We are not citizens we are collateral damage. Viruses are very small, so are micro particulates. There is no vaccine for the latter!

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