Part of a route through Lichfield will close for five months to allow the next phase of work on the city’s southern bypass to take place.


One end of Shortbutts Lane is due to shut until mid-June to allow work to take place at the London Road and Tamworth Road junction.

Temporary traffic lights will be in place at the junction of the roads and Upper St John Street, with access to properties only available from the Birmingham Road end of Shortbutts Lane.

When completed, the Lichfield southern bypass will link the A5127 Birmingham Road with the A5206 London Road by going underneath the cross city railway line.

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said the link would ease congestion in and around Lichfield city centre.

“We’re pleased to see such good progress taking place on the final section of the Lichfield Southern Bypass which is vital for the city’s future growth.

“It will also support the delivery of much-needed new homes it will reduce congestion in the city centre.

“This phase will see works impact on the road network for the first time as alterations are made to the junction of London Road and Tamworth Road.

“Unfortunately, it will be necessary to close a short section of Shortbutts Lane for a prolonged period and we apologise to affected residents for inconvenience during this time.”

Cllr David Williams

The bypass will also serve a new housing development and a planned primary school.

The road scheme is being funded by £5million from the Department for Transport and £2.3million from the Government’s Local Growth Fund through the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP).

Mike Lyons, board director for improving connectivity at GBSLEP, added:

“The benefits of infrastructure projects such as this for businesses and residents in Lichfield cannot be understated.

“By improving traffic flow, the bypass will boost connectivity and ease congestion in the area, while also creating space for housing developments and access to employment sites which are key to attracting investment and creating new jobs.”

Mike Lyons, GBSLEP

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  1. What about another Doctors surgery.
    Always house houses houses and roads roads roads but NO infrastructure in sight.
    What is up with this council???

  2. The claims of County Councillor David Williams & the road’s co-sponsor Mike Lyons board director at the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership, that the new road will ease congestion are entirely spurious.
    However I can’t disagree with their assertion that the new road offers ‘space to housing developments’ as the identikit houses are already being raised in the once Green Belt field south of Shortbutts Lane.
    I am sorry but the construction of this road now, as our climate change emergency is gathering pace, seem like lunacy. Building new roads is not the way to save the planet. Our future generations will abhor our stupidity.

  3. Not sure the statement that ‘such good progress is taking place’ is that factual. The revised opening date for the new road is now estimated to be a year later than planned. Even taking into account Covid lockdowns, that’s hardly ‘good progress’!
    The closure of the old canal path to walkers would seem to have been a bit premature. I do love joined up planning!

  4. I am very pleased Shortbutts Lane is being closed, I just wish it was permanent . Year on year there has been an increase in the volune of traffic in the Lane also more overweight larger vehicles over the 7ton weight limit too, especially with the house building on the south side of Lichfield. I hope when this Bypass is finished this will stop.

  5. Difficult to justify where this ‘by pass’ finishes on the Birmingham Road as it can only cause conjestion and is a road to nowhere. It will feed the new estates, not by pass them. I will not criticise the council’s responsible. Inconvenient truths are not always welcome and I do not wish to disenfranchise myself from the only available news distribution site in Lichfield. The stark fact is that both with our M P and local representation we get what we deserve.

  6. “while also creating space for housing developments ”
    Mike Lyons, GBSLEP

    Yes, more housing. So much housing. We will soon be a suburb of Birmingham.

  7. The previous comments show a complete lack of understanding of the purpose of the road. It is to divert the heavy traffic away from the town centre and Upper St John St and provide a through route for the A51 (the Western Bypass) which avoids the railway bridge which is one of the most frequently collided with in the country.
    Ranting about the new houses does not really have any bearing on the road.
    If (as is rumoured) Shortbutts Lane is to be closed permanently at one end that should be a great improvement as it is used as a rat run at present.

  8. At Pete Hill

    What’s up with this council is the more the houses sold the greater the council tax income. There is no income from Dr surgery’s or from spending on infrastructure. It’s that simple really.

  9. Road is progress ,also building houses but why when we dont have shops?. A lot of shops are closing.most people go elsewhere to shopmow as theres not enough in the shops that are left.this should be looked at.also the drs surgeries are overflowing so definitely need to build another but a problem of getting the doctors remains!!!.

  10. ‘Bypass’ is a misnomer. This new road will link the Birmingham Rd to London Rd, it will not however deliver traffic directly to the larger road network South of Lichfield, it will dump it at the forecourt of the filling station. Traffic wanting to go to Tamworth will not queue to turn left and then queue to turn right on to the A51 without causing tailbacks. A bypass should allow through traffic to continue to it’s destination without interruption, avoiding congestion in the City. My question is where are the City limits?
    The new road will just displace HGV’s from Upper St John’s Street and bring them to the doorsteps of the new housing developments instead, whilst still delivering it to the Bowling Green roundabout. The HGV traffic should be banned from all Residential districts of the City, if not for any other reason than the health risks posed to residents from particulates in the air caused by vehicle emissions.

  11. At Mike

    Hard decision this….which to one choose… rates from one surgery or council tax rates from 100’s and 100’s of houses.

  12. It would make more sense to open the bypass road before closing Shortbutts Lane, how are the people that live over by the Shell garage meant to get over to the west side of Lichfield? This will force everyone to now drive down to the centre of town and then out again, creating more traffic in town!
    I really hope they have included easy access for local pedestrians to cross the road from the Shell garage end towards town? Have you included Cycle Lanes from the Shell garage end linking to the town also?

  13. They should close one end of shortbutts permanently! This road is the worst I have ever seen! The traffic and the speed! It’s a wonder someone hasn’t been killed! It’s only a matter of time!

  14. I feel sorry for the people living in Shortbutts. The road was never meant for the volume of traffic it has suffered for many years now. This is an object lesson on infrastructure not matching housing developments, both in Lichfield and Tamworth, which seem to be never ending. A good proportion spills onto the A51 towards Boley Park and Tamworth. Cricket Lane is similarly affected. Traffic lights will be needed there soon.
    The finished layout is unworkable but to close Shortbutts will only exassibate this. The whole thing has been done on the cheap. It needed much more house demolition and carriageway widening to make it work in even a modest way. As for the bridge in St John Street…..Well good luck to that !

  15. We live on Upper St John Street in Lichfield, the traffic on this road has to be one of the worst roads in the entire City. We are appalled at how long and how much traffic the road works have effected us during the last 7 months.
    Why is it that you can build nearly a thousand houses on the Birmingham Road and London Road and the roads leading to these new estates.
    However it has taken 7 months to change a small pavement and to change the road going through Upper St John Street just to widen, more time than to build ALL the houses on the new estate.
    I would like to see where all the Council Tax is going when Lichfield town centre is a complete mess with more shops and restaurants are closing. Perhaps the money should be spent on this rather than building more houses.

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