Burntwood councillors have called for a coronavirus vaccination centre to be set up in the area.

A vial of the COVID-19 vaccine. Picture: DoD/Lisa Ferdinando

The roll-out of the COVID-19 jabs has begun across the country, including the creation of hub at Lichfield Cathedral.

But a group of three Burntwood councillors have now called for the town to be given a vaccination centre of its own.

Cllr Sue Woodward, leader of Burntwood Town Council, said:

Cllr Sue Woodward

“We are holding Government to its promises – as COVID-19 continues to rage across the country, the big hope for the future is the vaccination programme so we are calling on local health leaders at the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to get all local GP practices to work together to ensure people get easy access to the vaccination without, for example, having to travel to Lichfield.

“That’s easy enough for those of us with cars but not nearly so easy for people without and without easy access to public transport. 

“We need a dedicated centre here, with clear coordination and communication, and the town council has already had offers to host this, but the CCG is unwilling as yet to take up these offers.

“That’s just not good enough as the scheme is rolled out forward and we want to see a change of heart on this. “

Cllr Sue Woodward, Burntwood Town Council

Cllr Steve Norman, leader of the Labour opposition group at Lichfield District Council, said it was important local people were kept updated.

“I do not understand why CCGs are so reluctant to involve their communities.

“Anyone trying to find out information from their websites are up against it and when I have contacted Health Watch for advice – no response.

“There are over 28,000 people in Burntwood and Hammerwich – do we not count?”.

Cllr Steve Norman, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Why are people coming from Lichfield to get vaccinated in Chase Town if our own residents of Burntwood aren’t offered it?

  2. We’ve got one in Burntwood. It’s not as picturesque as the cathedral. We are using the Chasetown Health Centre. It’s been operational since before Christmas. By the end of today over 2000 jabs to patients from all three practices and including local social care provider staff too.

  3. Will the vacations be sent to all the GPs surgeries in the whole area of BURNTWOOD? As there is some practices that are not organised enough I don’t no why you couldn’t get a massive marquee on BURNTWOOD recreation fields and other big wide open spaces in the area, and have the people come there make sure there extra pervasions for people that can’t stand for hours waiting and get staff to go to peoples homes that can’t travel far. Get the British forces in to help organise. It should be a simple program to do if it’s planned out properly. The hardest thing is the paperwork and not the jabbing of a needle in someone’s arm. I’ve been insulin dependent for person for over thirty years so I’m used to injections so if they need any help I’m offering my services lol. But seriously you have to plan for everything, abut of kindness and respect is a big part of this. Don’t operate this as a cattle market!!

  4. My understanding is that people in Burntwood are already being given the vaccine, and have been since before Christmas.

  5. A lot of people in burntwood don’t know there is one, I didn’t and neither does my 82 year old mother in law who is still waiting for hers.

  6. Which three practices are we talking about( Chasetown Burntwood and Lichfield?) as my 87 year old mum has not received hers as yet and our practice Salters Meadow informed us last week that they had only received 300 vaccines and were awaiting a delivery. So I believe Chaseterrace terrace have had very few.

  7. I have received my second Covid 19 vaccination on Sunday in Burntwood, together with other people. It’s painful to see our labour council leaders miss the ball again. Just think of the mess we would be in if they were in control of the government.

  8. Whilst the work being done at the Chasetown Surgery to administer the Vaccine is fantastic to see, it cannot be classed as a “Vaccination Centre” by any stretch of the imagination.

    Having driven past the surgery there were elderly people queuing up outside in the cold and rain. I am told following the vaccination they needed to sit outside in a marquee that has now been replaced by a large wooden shed until the risk of a reaction has passed.

    I have no doubt that the surgery staff are doing a superb job and this is not to take anything away from their hard work. If this is the official vaccination centre for Burntwood though it leaves a lot of unanswered questions when compared to the facilities provided for Lichfield.

    Firstly the Burntwood Centre has nowhere suitable for vulnerable and frail people to wait where they will not get cold and wet in adverse weather. They have to queue standing outside on the pavement in all weathers. There are still a good few months of poor weather yet to look forward to.

    Secondly it has only a shed for them to wait in once the vaccine has been given before getting the all clear to go home.

    These factors in themselves will limit the amount of people that can pass through to get their vaccinations as social distancing will limit the number that can queue and wait at any one time. As Burntwood’s population is not dissimilar to that of Lichfield, why is there such a disparity between these facilities and those at the Cathedral.

    What happens to the surgeries normal patients? Are their healthcare needs still being accommodated there or do they have to now go elsewhere in the town for their health services. Many people use a surgery closest to their home, those people now have to travel further to see their GP or practice nurse. Again some of these will be vulnerable and may find travelling difficult.

    This Burntwood centre won’t actually service all the residents of Burntwood either. Those who are patients at the surgery in Longfellow Road in my Boney Hay and Central Ward aren’t included and have to face travelling further afield for their jabs, most likely to Lichfield some miles away. Couple this with the fact the bus service to this same ward was stopped with the agreement of the County Council and many people in Burntwood are suddenly identified who are left high and dry with no provision from the “Vaccination Centre” in their own home town. Burntwood Town Council will have to see what we can do to rectify this shortfall.

    There are many suitable alternative sites in Burntwood which could have been used. School halls, community halls, Working Men’s Clubs, Burntwood Leisure Centre to name a few. Most of these are closed and could also probably benefit from an income from their buildings being rented out for the vaccine program.

    Again I reiterate that the above is in no way a criticism of Dr Ward and his team, they are doing a fantastic job in difficult circumstances with limited facilities and for that I applaud and thank them. I just make the point that if the local Conservatives claim this is the Burntwood Vaccination Centre. I and many other, especially in my ward, had hoped for better facilities for both the patients and staff who work there.

    I will publicly thank the staff at Chasetown for the brilliant work they are doing in helping the fight against Covid but let’s not claim this is a “Centre” it is a doctors surgery with pavement standing room instead of a waiting room and a wooden shed recovery room. For a population approaching 30,000 people I would have though the MP and leader of LDC would have looked for better facilities that included all Burntwood residents for the many months of vaccinating that lie ahead.

  9. ‘They’ didn’t know when the vaccine would be available but ‘they’ knew it was coming. Why therefore was a plan not put in place months ago for mass vaccinations to take place as soon as the green button was pushed?

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