Lichfield’s MP has said a call by Labour councillors for a coronavirus vaccine centre in Burntwood are “utterly bizarre”.

A vial of the COVID-19 vaccine. Picture: DoD/Lisa Ferdinando

Cllr Steve Norman and Cllr Sue Woodward said the town needed a dedicated site.

But Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said there already was a facility available for vaccination in Burntwood.

Michael Fabricant MP

“The call by Burntwood Labour councillors for an urgent need for a COVID-19 vaccination centre in the town is utterly bizarre.

“The vaccination centre in Burntwood has been up and running since before Christmas. In fact, the Burntwood centre started vaccinations some 3 weeks before the Lichfield centre is due to be opened.

“I fully appreciate that the location of vaccination centres are not generally publicised as people should only attend by appointment once called to do so by their GP or by the NHS.

“But clearly these councillors do not have their ear close to the ground.

“In any event, before going public on these sensitive issues, politicians should check the facts first. 

“This is a copycat of the claim last week by Labour MPs and councillors in Birmingham that they were running out of vaccine there. 

“Because they went public, it alarmed many people completely unnecessarily. Supplies had already arrived for distribution in Birmingham.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Dr James Ward, who has been working as part of the vaccination programme in Burntwood said the scheme was progressing in the town.

“We’ve got one in Burntwood – it’s not as picturesque as the cathedral, but we are using the Chasetown Health Centre.

“It’s been operational since before Christmas and by the end of today over 2,000 jabs will have been given to patients from all three practices and including local social care provider staff too.”

Dr James Ward

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  1. How very bizarre that his Conservative colleagues at Burntwood Town Council and elsewhere haven’t kept him informed of the reality on the ground ie that 80+ year olds in parts of the town are having to travel to Lichfield. Keep up, Mr Fabricant.

  2. Never let the facts get in the way of a politically motivated message from our local MP Councillor Woodward. I am even surprised he can bring himself to actually utter the word “Burntwood”.

  3. What is bizarre is an MP suggesting we do not have our ears “close to the ground” when he closed his local constituency office and has never had regular advertised surgeries in the town unlike Burntwood’s Labour Councillors – at least before Covid.

    It is because residents in Boney Hay needed help getting to the Cathedral that we raised the issue. It was the cuts in bus services last year that led to older constituents in Boney Hay being unable even to get to their flu jab. Then to be told that they would have to go to the Cathedral to get the Covid vaccination only made matters worse. In fact, perhaps Mr Fabricant can tell us if he objected to the bus cuts at the time as we did?

    If the CCG would like to let Lichfield Live know of their plans for getting the vaccine to Burntwood’s 28,000 residents that would give them, and others who have since contacted us, some reassurance – unlike the unrealistic statements from Government.

  4. 10 January, -at long last we have heard where we might be able to get the vaccine no thanks to our MP, LDC, CCG or our local doctors practices – was it a national secret -“utterly bizzare”!!!!

  5. What is “Utterly bizarre” is our useless sack of an MP’s inability to impart useful information to his constituents at a time of national emergency and then turn it around for lame point scoring effect, its enough to make your skin crawl.

  6. According to one Michael Fabricant tweet, this is ‘envy politics’, a case of “Lichfield has it better than us”. So much for reuniting the country after the divisions of Brexit – our MP is stoking division between neighbouring areas in his own constituency!

  7. “Too many tweets make a ….” – David Cameron said it best, don’t you think? I expect MF cannot bear the fact that people in Burntwood have the temerity to vote Labour – presumably they can see what a vacuous clown he is.

  8. Chasetown health centre has run out of vaccine last week, how is that helpful mr Mp, and further more don’t know when the next delivery is. I’m afraid this government is all to slow again in the roll out of this vaccine. The teething troubles should have been prempted and dealt with. No faith at all in Matt now, for my health, or Boris for my leadership.

  9. Yet again Burntwood is being treated with contempt, as a backwater to Lichfield. I have friends in Worcester in their 60s who have been vaccinated. This is no joke, come on Michael Fabricant do your job and chase this up. Thank you.

  10. Forget Politics. Let us concentrate on we do have a Vaccination Centre in Burntwood. The Vaccination programme is a logistical Nightmare for those that need to contact residents and get supply of Vaccine. Thank you to all those involved.

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