Police are investigating reports of a man acting suspiciously in Burntwood.

Residents reported the individual taking photos of residential properties on the Holly Blue Meadow Estate off the A5190 yesterday (9th January).

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.

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  1. There was a dirty white escort type van with two men in it,driving around the pear tree estate in rugeley videoing the houses on a mobile phone between 7.30am and 8.30 am approx three weeks ago,i shouted to them and they drove off fast.

  2. @John: the police need to get more restrictive: anyone not wearing blinkers and walking briskly to their destination should be arrested (end of sarcasm).

    To anyone planning to photograph houses: use Google street view instead, please. Taxes are high enough without having to pay officers to investigate someone taking photographs, thank you.

  3. Thats what we oay our council taxes for, the police need to be informed of these things it prevents crimes being commited. I have known this type of thing happening when looking for properties to target either fir illicit gain or to scam people into having their drives done with inferior products, or to target the older people with roof repairs that they dont need. So if you see them again, then quite rightly let the police know by phone and email that way you will know the police will have to inquire because it will be logged.

  4. This is unsettling stuff for those people in those properties! Police rely heavily on intelligence from the public and often no matter how small or insignificant and incident may seem it could add up to something much bigger! So residents keep up your vigilance I don’t blame you!

  5. Why don’t you take some photographs of them? There is nothing more disquieting than knowing you and/or your van is on record.
    Like their photography yours is perfectly legal.
    I have often thought this is good policy when unsolicited callers come to your door too. Most phones have this facility. If challenge by the caller you respond that it is to prevent fraud.

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