A fashion retailer’s decision to open a new warehouse in Lichfield is a “welcome vote of confidence” in the local economy.

ASOS website

ASOS said it would create 2,000 jobs over the next three years at the site in Fradley.

Cllr Philip White, Staffordshire County Council cabinet member for economy and skills, said the company’s decision to create a base in Lichfield was a positive sign for the region.

“It is tremendous news that such a high-profile company like ASOS has decided to locate its new distribution centre in Lichfield.

“Given our location at the heart of the UK’s transport network, logistics is one of our key sectors and the creation of 2,000 jobs is a welcome vote of confidence in the Staffordshire economy at a time when many people may be worrying about the effect of the pandemic on their employment prospects.

“With the growth of online shopping the company is set to see strong growth in the future.

“The new distribution centre is set to be operational in the next 12 months so we would expect to see new opportunities advertised soon.”

Cllr Philip White, Staffordshire County Council

The Fradley facility will be the company’s fourth fulfilment centre around the globe, with others based in Barnsley, Berlin and Atlanta.

Nick Beighton, chief executive of ASOS, said:

“We’re thrilled to be laying down the foundations for our future growth in Lichfield.

“This significant investment in infrastructure and large-scale job creation is a reflection of the confidence ASOS has in its future and the quality of the skills and talent available in this well-placed location.

“When fully up and running in 2023, the site will support our ever-increasing customer demand and enable us to develop our offerings and delivery capabilities even further.”

Nick Beighton, ASOS

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  1. ‘Logistics is one of our key sectors’. Is this the sum of our Council’s ambition for Lichfield district? Perhaps the Cathedral could be converted to a warehouse as it is a big empty space. Perhaps the empty fields surrounding the City can be traversed with bigger, and better roads complete with service stations and a lorry park in Beacon Park. This sounds like a joke in bad taste, but unfortunately it’s not far off the mark. Given our climate change emergency surely our planning officers and council leaders should be more imaginative in pursuing sustainable alternatives to logistics for fast fashion.

  2. More HGVs to to contend with, in and around Lichfield. When will it ever end. I know when there is a huge black cloud hovering over the Lichfield area full of wonderful pollutants.

  3. I have just looked at the Barnsley employees feedback. The one star rating is by far the highest and many describe it as a sweatshop. Apparently you have to ‘pick’ 120 items per hour or you are out. The management style seems draconian.
    Welcome to modern working life in Lichfield; although Fradley ASOS might be getting workers from a much wider circle includind Burton and Tamworth and thus be less of a local job bonanza than some might hope.

  4. Unfortunately the majority of these jobs will probably be low paid and low skilled and will not necessarily be taken by people who live in the immediate Lichfield area. I don’t see how the wider economy will benefit from this. We need to attract a wide range of different employers to locate their businesses here not just massive logistic sheds. Also we need to encourage and support small business as usually there is a growth in these as unfortunately people are made redundant and look for alternative ways to make a living. Is anything being done? Not that I can see but stand to be corrected.

  5. This so called “employer” has a worse record worker satisfaction than Amazon. The Barnsley site, as mentioned above, is the very last place locals will work.

  6. I had foolishly hoped that the pandemic might have focused society on what is truly important, which types of companies and jobs are essential. But here we are, falling over ourselves for vain, useless fashion companies who will pay workers a pittance in glorified sweatshops, and further clog up the roads in the process. Doesn’t seem we have learned anything from the pandemic.

  7. Big sheds selling garments on line made in India or Bangladesh etc. Why can’t the council attract companies that manufacture . All Lichfield does is loose those companies for example Norgren

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