A voluntary group working to refurbish a historic pumping station have been boosted by a £1,000 grant.

Sandfields Pumping Station

The Lichfield Waterworks Trust received the money from Staffordshire County Council’s climate change action fund.

The group will put the money towards upgrading old lights to new energy efficient LED lighting at the Grade II* listed Sandfields Pumping Station.

David Moore, chair of the trust, said:

“We’re all over the moon with the funding which we’re going to use to update the old 1960s lighting.

“It’s all part of our wider project to turn the disused Grade II* listed waterworks building into a usable, more accessible community asset for local people to use and enjoy.

“The new energy efficient bulbs will not only help to brighten the place up while reduce running costs but will also help to tackle climate change, which is one of the trust’s aims.

“The trust will also be enlisting the help of apprentices from the local technical college. The project will enable young people to learn new skills and develop intergenerational relationships with other volunteers at the site.

“It is indeed a win-win for the whole community.”

David Moore, Lichfield Waterworks Trust

Cllr Colin Greatorex, who supported the project, added:

“Lichfield is a great city with many historic buildings, so we’re pleased to be able to support this community project that will help tackle climate change and reduce carbon omissions.

“Older buildings can be really inefficient when it comes to energy, so getting the new LED lighting will make a huge difference and is great news for both the local community and the environment.”

Cllr Colin Greatorex

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  1. I might be mistaken but I understood that that the major construction Company that originally purchased the Sandfields Pumping Station land (“no names,no pack drill”) for house building undertook to maintain it’s upkeep and condition as a listed building as part of the original conditions of their contract to purchase said property Or has that promise disappeared under the “sands of time” ,a bit like the area donated to the city for the construction of our “not so long gone Victoria Hospital”.Beacon park or Pipe Green next??

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