The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood says he can “understand the concern” people have about being asked to travel to coronavirus mass vaccination centres.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Hubs have been set up in Manchester and Birmingham as part of a plan to ramp up COVID-19 testing across the country.

But with older residents receiving invitations to travel to these locations for their vaccinations, Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said people could wait for an appointment at a local centre instead.

“As these mass vaccination centres are some distance away, I can well understand the concern this is causing.

“However, if you do not wish to respond to the letter, or you have not received it for any reason, do not despair – you will be contacted again by your GP surgery within a couple of weeks or so and be allocated a local vaccination clinic. In Lichfield, that will be at the cathedral.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant said it was important people ensured that if they did visit a mass vaccination centre that they were able to return to the same site for the second dose.

“It is very important that you attend the same clinic for the booster vaccination which will then give longer lasting immunity.

“I am very disappointed that all this has not been made clear in the letter sent out by the national NHS and I am sorry if this has caused any alarm.

“Finally, do remember that vaccinations are by appointment only. Do not call your GP or other NHS organisations.0 they are working hard to get the vaccination programme operating swiftly and will contact you. 

“As of the end of last week, 51,000 people have been vaccinated in Staffordshire and by the end of this week, over half of those scheduled to be vaccinated by the middle of next month will have received the jab.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. One of my very elderly relatives, in his nineties, has his first jab today.
    He’s going to his local GP.
    He is driving himself because he’s scared of mixing in vehicles with others (he’s had plenty of offers). It’s impossible for him to walk there.
    He’s been amongst the best of us since March, self-isolating & refusing family requests for visits.
    But to get his vital first jab, he has to put himself at greater risk than any time in 10 months and then do it again, though he doesn’t know when, for the second dose. He’s not going to change his behaviour either because first dose gives 50% immunity, he couldn’t get a full answer when he asked.
    I’m pleased he’s being vaccinated but he’s lucky to have his own car & be able to drive at his age..presumably most can’t…
    This is an issue isn’t it…

  2. I can’t believe some wig wearing, out of touch, self-important nobody expects us to listen to them regarding this virus outbreak.

  3. I contacted Westgate Practice yesterday because my friend who is 91 and lives in Lichfield had a letter from NHS England inviting him to book an appointment. He went to the website and given that vaccinations are going to be taking place at the Cathedral expected an appointment to be available for him there, but NO it was for Millennium Point, Birmingham. Westgate told me that he does not have to accept the invitation and can wait to be contacted by them for it to take place at the cathedral. As anxious as he is to be vaccinated after seeing photos online of the elderly queuing outside in cold weather he decided he would wait. However, despite him being in the ‘top group’ how long that wait will be is anyone’s guess.
    Additionally, I was told that Westgate would only be vaccinating on Fridays and Langton on Wednesdays. It leads me to believe that what I heard on the news is true, that vaccine supplies are not being produced or supplied fast enough and this despite the governments blurb of the millions they said will be vaccinated by mid-February. Mrm!

  4. Instead of blathering on about this which will not make any difference why isnt the excuse for an MP banging the drum about the complete lack of vaccinations in Lichfield care homes

  5. My wife 82 has teceived her letter. On line appointments were offered at Milenium point (requires a bus + train +bus journey 20 miles) or Maccesfield (36 miles) or Telford (even further).

  6. I live in Armitage and our Doctors are now vaccinating the 75 to 79 age group at Rugeley site. Doing an excellent job thanks to them

  7. I really don’t know what’s going on. My husband is 86 and has not received a letter, but I know people in their 70s that have had the vaccination.

  8. Lord Fabricant – did you follow the Party Whip and abstain from voting on the motion concerning retaining the Universal Credit uplift post March? If so, and if you are such an empathetic person, why did you not support the motion and help the poor folk?
    Oh, I forgot, you have failed to explain why you voted against free school meals for pupils.

    Voters have long memories Lord Fabricant. You and BoJo, Michael, Jacob and your other Tory mates should be mindful of that.

    Finally, I see your mate Woody has returned to the US and has been heavily criticised by his former deputy. With Donald being thrown out of office, maybe you should be looking over your shoulder as you keep poor company.

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