Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP says he is “very flattered” to have been included in a montage created by the artist known as Cold War Steve.

Michael Fabricant appeared in the latest piece released by the artist on his Twitter account.

The image includes several other Conservative politicians being overlooked by footballer and free school meals campaigner Marcus Rashford.

Mr Fabricant said:

“I am very flattered to have been included in one of Cold War Steve’s montages.

“I’m not sure what I am supposed to be doing in it, but it all looks very louche! 

“Steve brings out a calendar each year, so I may buy one if that picture is included.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Mr Fabricant, the image shows you and your fellow Tories feasting whilst kids queue for meagre rations consisting of half a pepper and frube. It’s highlighting just how mean-spirited your government is with regard to feeding hungry kids.

    How much longer are sensible conservatives in Lichfield going to put up with Mr Fabricant’s embarrassing antics. Time for a change. Lichfield is crying out for a sensible MP.

  2. “Very flattered” to be depicted as one of a laughing and feasting political elite while children go hungry.

    Has his vanity driven him to completely miss the point, or does he genuinely not care? Answers on a postcard…

  3. Flattered to be depicted as a feasting whilst children starve. He finds it a jolly wheeze. Sums up the man right there. That is all you need to know. Absolute uncaring ghoul who just wants to be talked about. And here I am indulging him.

  4. Michael Fabricant – you absolute twit. Gaslighting twittery of the year.
    Shame on you, you utter gaslighting, self-serving wiggin-about-town.
    More importantly, it really is a shame for many of your constituents who are out-twitted because of your views & your inept, corrupt, out of touch, rather thick yet loyally stupid to chief liar BJ, govt. But the govt was at least able to get voted in with a stonking majority before brexit when ordinary people were going to be respected, but…what does that say now? It says…people not falling for tory twitterism any more. People have wisened up to tory Govt lies & rubbish. Your govt really talks ultimate drivel and you, well you just repeat, rinse, repeat.
    What about hungry children you self-serving tory?
    Reap what you sow.
    Mr F , I think you’re just doing it for the lolz now…really, no one takes you seriously anymore.
    Absolute twit.
    You’re welcome. Kitty.

  5. He’s just laughing at us now, even those who voted for him are held in contempt by him.

    Any chance he mistakenly sees this as his last triumphant hurrah before he retires at the next election?

    He is not even trying to be a constituency MP now, just when everyone including his voters needed him during the pandemic he’s gone off on a narcissistic swansong.

  6. Actually forget what I’ve said:
    You’re an utter disgrace to us all. And very naive if you can’t work it out.
    Go now, promote the next venture.

  7. Just when you think he can’t possibly be further out of touch. Please go Michael, your time is up. If you care and have any respect for the people in this constituency you will resign.

  8. Fabricant has completely lost the plot over this one. Either he doesn’t care or he doesn’t get that being in the picture is not a question of flattery. Does Lichfield have the worst MP in the country?

  9. Don’t you DARE put it on expenses if you do. You’re nothing but a greedy, lazy, grade A narcissist who has done nothing to help Lichfield, you just raid the public purse.

  10. Oh the irony that this idiot MP can’t see that his shameful voting to starve children whilst feeding at the trough is the entire point of this sketch.

    Why on earth does he see this as a point to be proud of ?

    Come on Lichfield, wake up to this idiot and replace him with a human being next time!

  11. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr Fabricant. Is this the reason you came into politics, to exalt yourself via Twitter when you aren’t able to recognise the truth of it. It boggles the mind.

  12. Lichfield selected the village idiot for its MP. When did this man last do anything worthwhile? A classic example of a town where you could stick a wig and a blue rosette on pig and it is guaranteed to be elected.

    Constituents need to have a word with themselves, their bovine electoral behaviour is the real problem. Likewise for those that elect the cosplay Wooster, Rees-Mogg, and the atrocious Daniel Kawczynski.

  13. I do not regard myself as that up to date on social media or such things as this. But even I can see how damaging this picture is. I have shared it with a few friends who are unfamiliar with social media and Mr Fabricant’s dealings on it and they are absolutely shocked.

    As one friend put it “The lunatics have taken over the asylum”. He actually asked if it really was our MP who writes these things on social media and is still not convinced. We have both listened to Mr Fabricant speak on many occasions and each time we have been impressed with his considered and reasoned arguments on so many issues. Where is that man who we have supported as our MP gone.

    I have quickly come to accept the somewhat immature and puerile social media positions taken up by some of our younger Conservative councillors, but this type of behaviour and attitude from an experienced Member of Parliament is quite unforgivable.

    To celebrate being captured for posterity in this type of critical portrait is staggering.

  14. OMG! Just when you think he can’t sink any further this appears. Does he really not see the point of it? You narcissistic, self serving excuse of a human being. Be sure your sins will find you out. I will share this so much especially with my conservative voting friends.

  15. Barry, what you are seeing now is the true measure of the man. The “considered and reasoned arguments” you previously observed were simply what he thought he needed to say at the time, when what was required of a politician was some sense of competence and integrity. Now, however, Mr Fabricant has realised that he no longer needs to pretend and can display his venal, crass, puerile and derisory personality without fear of rebuke from a party full of similar personalities.

    The Conservative Party is not led by politicians. It is led by journalists and disaster capitalists who are smashing everything up in order to make as much money as possible for the ‘chumocracy’ before they scarper at the next election, leaving Labour to have to clean up their mess whilst the Tories in opposition get to blame them for the mess in the first place. Their intention is not to lead and govern, merely to make as much as possible for themselves, and Mr Fabricant wants a piece of the pie.

    He gleefully declares that he loves this depiction since he knows it is true but no longer cares, and since he thinks it’s now safe to do so, revels in his own arrogance like a pig in muck.

    He, along with his chums in the quagmire of self-serving greed and corruption, smirk and laugh whilst children go hungry, teachers are denigrated, NHS staff are mocked, supermarket staff spat at, fisherman weep at rotting catches, lorry drivers have their food confiscated and our loved-ones die on video calls.

    Hilarious, Mr Fabricant. Enjoy your calendar.

  16. “Is this the reason you came into politics, to exalt yourself via Twitter when you aren’t able to recognise the truth of it.” Apologies Mr Fabricant let me explain. What I meant was, how did you cast your vote on the free children’s school meals? Please do tell.

  17. And as a humble constituent I would also like to know why you cast your vote the way you did. I hope it is not too much to ask. A sentence or two would suffice just to clarify the issue.

  18. Has this man completely lost the plot?
    To be flattered to appear in a Hogarthian picture feasting as children go hungry shows a complete lack of intelligence and empathy with those not in receipt of an MP’s salary.
    Socially liberal he may be; he is sadly lacking in a social conscience.
    As Oliver Cromwell said of the Rump Parliament
    You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately ……in the name of God, go!

  19. Conservative voters in Lichfield every general election vote for this. It says a lot about people of Lichfield that they are incapable of discerning the worth of candidates. But it’s the system to blame. Under proportional representation along with electoral reform we would not have to suffer this. Fabricant is a nasty piece of work masquerading as a serious politician. Just one of the many Tory exploiters who actually don’t give a toss about people. Remember that he told the audience at 2019 Lichfield hustings “We’re going to be wealthier after Brexit”. He meant the Tory MPs and the party donors. The rest of us don’t matter. Vote Tory and get a garbage tip UK incapable of trading. A government of Vote Leave MPs just like Michael Fabricant. ERG ghouls.

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