A protestor being removed by police. Picture: Palestine Action
A protestor being removed by police. Picture: Palestine Action

Campaigners insist “will be back” after being removed from a Shenstone factory.

The Palestine Action activists targeted the UAV Engines site as part of a protest against the manufacture of engines they say are used in Israeli military drones produced by Elbit.

The group were removed by police after chaining themselves to the gates of the factory this morning (18th January).

A protestor being removed by police. Picture: Palestine Action
A protestor being removed by police. Picture: Palestine Action

One protester said the demonstration was needed to highlight the damage caused to Palestinians by drone weapons.

“They make the most hideous weaponry – and the drones that they make and the engine parts they use create craters that can wipe out entire families.

“We’re here to shut it down and we’ll keep coming back to shut it down – we’re not going to give up until this is out of the UK and gone for good.”

Palestine Action protestor

18 replies on “Activists removed from Shenstone factory say they will return”

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  1. Our children grow up so quickly. Let us show them the true worth of Life she says doing a Fist. I did one several times on my walk to the shops and back hahaha. This old lady. Call me crazy I don’t care. Life is ALL. It is everything we could ever want to know about. It reigns supreme. If not for Life we wouldn’t be here. And I for one am happy to be here in this place whatever you might call it, happy to share this life giving energy. Together. United. Believe. Life creating itself over again. Stand up and be counted believers.

  2. Totally agree with the protest, well done continuing to highlight the issues and the tools of surveillance.
    Another example of how the uk arms industry is involved in excessive force and depends on oppression and wars. Bae systems and Saudi in Yemen current example.
    Israel continues with apartheid against Palestinians and land grabs. With US and UK support, as no one dare challenge them properly.
    And no I’m not antisemitic- I’m anti eradication of Palestine by Israel.

  3. Megan are you high? Or did you soberly copy paste the output of a markov chain model thats been primed with text from motivational posters and those little books with an inane snippet of pseudo wisdom in each page. There’s a lot of words but I’ve no idea what you think you’ve said.

  4. Easy to call someone a coward from behind your keyboard, safe and warm at home. I admire the protestors. I haven’t set foot in a supermarket in 7 months, never mind going out and risking arrest for what I believe in. Still, ‘Dave’ rhymes with ‘brave’, so I’m sure Mr Morris is a big man.

  5. Hey, Dave, I didn’t think you were antisemitic until you said you weren’t, now I think you probably are.

    I think Megan is high, high on life, determined to enjoy herself. Nowt wrong with that.

  6. You would not admire them if it was your job that would go if the factory shut down. If they have ten sites around the UK how many thousand jobs are at risk if they shut

  7. Protesters have been protesting at Elbit’s factory (UAV Engines) for many years. Lots of activists have been willing to be arrested and then charged and have done so in the hope of getting Elbit into Court. And here’s the interesting part – Elbit will not go to Court!!! Why? Surely any company would want to stop these protests which cause the factory to have to close each time. The reason – Elbit would have to declare the truth of what they are making in there and they don’t want to do that! In the meantime our taxes are being wasted by using Police as Elbit’s private security firm, the cost of dealing with arrests/charges/court appearances etc. And the murder of Palestinians continues.

  8. I support the protestors. It is not right to have an overseas company producing death making equipment in the UK. It wouldn’t be right if it was an UK company , but it’s doubly wrong when it’s an overseas company, that is the largest private arms company of a country that is widely accepted as being an apartheid regime – according to the UN and Israel’s biggest human rights organisation.

  9. Bae makes elbit a toddler in the business. Do you want to but 10’s of thousands out of work. If Elbit went to court they would put confidential information that could not be disclosed before any lawyer,. The demonstrators are causing criminal damage and should be locked up

  10. Chris, respect for life and living not death and destruction especially when it concerns children who are killed or maimed or left without parents and homes. And may end up as refugees. Haven’t we seen enough of this. I guess you are all for never ending wars because they provide us with jobs. Well there’s not much hope for us humans if that’s our means of survival. Of course it takes imagination to create a life whereby our resources are focused on working with our planet not destroying it. I agree with Owen when he says “it
    is widely accepted as being an apartheid regime – according to the UN and Israel’s biggest human rights organisation”. The fact is this protest has nothing to do with anti-semitism, which is used to terrify anyone who dares debate this issue and what is used to stifle anyone who dares to discuss it. Insults don’t help anyone especially yourself Chris, it shows your intention to put someone down just because you don’t agree with them. Realise that’s where violence starts, insults are a form of violence.

  11. Regarding insults George the same applies to you. It doesn’t show you in a good light to use insults to get your point across. It’s crossing the line. Once over the line it’s not far to the next step, then the next.

  12. Furthermore let’s get this straight, I don’t hate the Jewish people, it’s likely I have a lot in common with most of them. It is the Arms Trade for profit and greed that I do not agree with for the reasons I have outlined here and in my comments on a similar article on the 14th. I shall not continue this conversation further. I have made my views known.

  13. Just to explain what “insult” means,
    as a verb.. “speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse”.
    as a noun.. “a disrespectful or scornfully abusive remark or act”.

    Verbal abuse is the use of words to cause harm to the person being spoken to. Verbal abuse may consist of shouting, insulting, intimidating, threatening, shaming, demeaning, or derogatory language, among other forms of communication. …

    There are three offences that someone who uses “threatening, abusive or insulting” language in a public place may been deemed to have committed. (These offences can also be committed in a private place if what is said is audible outside. They also apply to similar behaviour and the display of similar posters, pictures or signs.) All three offences fall under the Public Order Act 1986.

  14. Dave I have returned ah! to apologise as upon reflection I guess I got you wrong and I’m not averse to humbling myself and making an apology when it is required of me. I’m talking about when you said I was high on life and no there’s nowt wrong with that because yes you were right on. Funny old time we are living through. I think it’s because of this and the possibilities in front of us all during this particular period in the life of this planet. To see the opportunity available to us all to make positive more rewarding changes to our lifestyles and livelihoods if only for the children and future generations. The opportunity to think about what is really important to us, what we really value. I was very expressive in my comment I know. I meant it to be like that. I did think about whether I should post the comment before I did and ultimately decided what the heck why not. Funny how people react to someone expressing themselves in a certain way isn’t it. Anyway I enjoyed it. At least it started a conversation. Maybe I should stick to being negative, blaming and and critical. Errrr I don’t think so.

  15. I’m very confused now Megan. I made a light-hearted remark supporting you. You responded with a rant about me and the type of person I was. Then later on you apologise to Dave for what you said about me.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, I’ll stay out of it from now on, interacting with humans is clearly something I’m not good at.

  16. Actually Chris I apologise to you also. It proves that I am human with all that entails. In actual fact I was trying to comment whilst reading the previous ones made by others and yourself. Not best done on a mobile phone. Haha. Obviously it was George’s comment I was speaking about, as per,
    “Megan are you high? Or did you soberly copy paste the output of a markov chain model thats been primed with text from motivational posters and those little books with an inane snippet of pseudo wisdom in each page.” That’s what I considered an insult and also a bullying tactic. And what I meant when I said he had crossed the line. Next step is to objectify the person and then the step after that is well you know how one form of abuse leads to another and so on and so on. This not only happens on personal levels but national ones too. I was trying to show how one thing leads to another and before we know it we have wars and refugees to deal with when there are so many other demanding issues at stake right now. However I too shall now step back. Have a good day one and all.

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