Campaigners say they have shut down a Shenstone factory for the second time in a number of months.

Palestine Action protesters in Shenstone
Palestine Action protesters in Shenstone. Picture: Vladimir Morozov

The group from Palestine Action chained themselves to the gates of UAV Engines this morning (18th January) and daubed the building in red paint.

The activists – who say the company makes parts for use on Israeli drones manufactures by Elbit – have previously targeted the building, with a recent protest taking place in September.

They say the company makes parts for Elbit, which manufactures drones for use by the Israeli military.

A spokesperson for Palestine Action said:

“We will not stop our vital work until all ten of Elbit’s UK locations are shut down for good.

“The power is in our hands. Unless we are actively doing everything we can to prevent Elbit from operating, every single one of us is complicit in Israel’s campaign of killing.”

Palestine Action spokesperson

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  1. Last time they were protesting there were more police than protestors but the bobbies were standing round in groups or sitting in vans

  2. “last year, protestors at the Shenstone factory were charged, but the case was later dropped because the company refused to disclose information relating to export licences which had been requested by the defence”.

  3. “The irony in modern politics: the Palestinians in truth are blood brothers or cousins of the modern Israelis — they are all descendants of Abraham and Ishmael, so to speak”..

  4. And so I will set out my stall. Oh my aren’t I brave. Watch out Megan, watch your back. I will don’t worry. Well FYI, I am a supporter of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) and am very happy to be so. I am also a member of Amnesty International which promotes Human Rights. Am I a believer in Human Rights? Yes. For you and for me. I am not a Terrorist. I am a humble human being who cares about the senseless loss of life in never ending wars. Especially the loss of lives of so many children. Our children. All of our children all over the world. Innocents all. So many so young killed by irresponsible adults for Profit and Greed. There has to be a happy ending to this old old story otherwise what Hope is there. Stand up and be counted. Or be a coward. Up to you. I hand you the baton.

  5. With you Megan, if only the uk government had the balls to properly challenge Israel and follow their own res not to support arms trade where known humanitarian loss.

  6. Boris said the UK was now going to be top of the world after Brexit. Unfortunately the biggest industry in the world is Arms so to join the race at the top we have to be the biggest exporter

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