A Lichfield school has issued a “call to arms” for volunteers to help carry out coronavirus testing.

The Friary School says it needs to “significantly” increase the number of people able to help administer tests.

Current plans for the return of pupils would see every student tested twice when they return to the classroom.

The school said it was likely to take two weeks to carry out the “huge logistical task” for 1,200 children and 150 staff.

In a message to families, headteacher Matt Allman said:

“We have a lot of faith in you all as parents and believe that if you can help then you will.

“We know that you will understand that your time and effort will mean we can put more time and effort into each child.

“Consequently, if we get overwhelmed with offers we will compile a first list, and then keep other names in reserve in case dates, plans or procedures change.

“We have everything crossed that you can help.”

Matt Allman, The Friary School

More details on how people can volunteer to support the testing are available on the school website.

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